1. stevedavies's Avatar

    I'm new to BB10.

    My company uses Dropbox. I have our corporate dropbox and also a personal dropbox.

    I would like to connect my Passport to my personal dropbox - especially to take advantage of the photo upload. But I also need to connect to the work one.

    When I sign in on Connect to Dropbox it asks whether I want to link to the Personal or Corporate, but I can't find a way to say "both"..

    Any pointers?

    01-15-15 02:37 PM
  2. tfp's Avatar
    Unfortunately, from what I can tell, you will have to download a 3rd party app to access a second dropbox, box or onedrive account. Files and Folders used to be pretty good on my PlayBook, not sure how the BB10 version is. It has (or at least had) access to all of the major cloud storage systems ie. box, dropbox, onedrive, google drive and the one with the hummingbird as its logo (can't remember the name of that one). Or you can install the actual dropbox app from Snap or even possibly the Amazon App store. I know the Snap version works well.
    01-15-15 02:43 PM
  3. rick0415's Avatar
    If you use Playcloud you can setup accounts for each Dropbox account. Both will show up in Playcloud.
    01-15-15 02:47 PM

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