1. guinnsquirrel's Avatar

    I am considering coming back to the BB10 fold (just as Blackberry are moving to Android). I am getting fed up with a poor performing Sony Xperia Z3+ (long story). A few questions that I would like answering, if at all possible:

    * There are two killer Android apps I need/use: Here Maps plus Opera Browser (full version, not Mini). Are they now able to work on BB10?
    * Bar form-factor tweaks, whats the difference between the BlackBerry Passport/Passport Silver?
    * Am I nuts doing this?

    Thank you for you help in advance.
    11-18-15 02:10 PM
  2. brookie229's Avatar
    I can tell you that Here Maps will not work on BB10 (just tried it on my Passport -installed from Google Play Store via Snap) as I believe it requires Google Play Services. Opera full works well on my Passport (original). As for the differences between Passports, there are none except for appearance. They all have the same hardware.

    EDIT: upon further investigation with the full version of Opera, I am noticing some crashing so maybe not a good idea for it as well. Sorry, but if you MUST have these apps, perhaps you should stick with an android phone. I have other map and browser options that work great but YMMV.
    11-18-15 02:45 PM

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