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    Several people have been tinkering with the newfound freedom to load apk files directly onto their devices after the latest leak. Some apps work great, others less so. Uninstalling however can pose problems as the traditional method (long press the app and move to recycle bin) does not always work. After rebooting, you may find those uninstalled apps reappear. These APKs can also create additional folders to store data and when uninstalled, invariably leave some or all of these folders behind. Some file fragments may also be left behind in the uninstall process.

    Several other methods (chrome extensions etc.) have been suggested by members. I was wondering if anybody successfully installed any android app cleaner/uninstaller that did the job without glitches? If so, can you recommend any of the current android cleaners that will work?
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    12-01-13 01:36 AM
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    OK so I've been searching through Google Play and found several cleaners/task managers. I ultimately decided to use Clean Master, the same one I use on my Nexus 7. It's a free app that I extracted from Google Play store and I installed the apk on my Z10. Initial startup was a bit sluggish but it seems to have worked a charm. It found several remainders of uninstalled android apps as well as two folders from previous installs that it cleaned up with no hassle. I think this works very well. Anybody with other experiences, please jump in.
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    12-01-13 02:52 AM
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    Thx for the tip..
    12-01-13 03:32 AM
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    Sounds good especially when an official release is out and about. (10.2.x)
    12-01-13 05:41 AM
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    I uninstall via the Chrome extension, no problems with leftovers.

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    12-01-13 06:23 AM
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    I uninstall via the Chrome extension, no problems with leftovers.

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    Although, I've been wrong before.

    Cleaning up APK uninstalls from OS

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    12-01-13 06:32 AM
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    Thanks for the tip I use the traditional method (long press and tap the trash can) and indications are it seems to work fine completely removing the many apk intalls deleted when testing the "Accounts" issue.

    Cleaning up APK uninstalls from OS

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    12-01-13 06:46 AM
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    I do the normal long press delete method and it seems to work for the most part. Sometimes the apk files will be left behind and I have to delete those, though.
    12-01-13 08:02 AM

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