1. dpgo's Avatar
    During last weeks, sometimes I found that the phone has the security screen to introduce the pin, after that I have to enter the image pattern and then it receives the signal.

    So depending on how much time is spend before checking the phone I could be offline for a long time.

    could it be related to battery, as because months ago I lost the charger and using other charges the bettary last shorter. In fact many times I am in 'saving battery' mode.

    Posted via CB10
    04-22-17 06:12 AM
  2. blackberrygoesblue's Avatar
    Could be some misbehaving app you recently installed. Check one by one (uninstall and reboot until it is fixed). Or better, back-up essential data, like, contacts, calendar, etc. and wipe and reload.
    04-23-17 05:01 AM
  3. dpgo's Avatar
    I notice that after entering the pin and got signal back I see a signal logo that I never saw before '4GLTE' but after few second I see only '4G'

    Can this problem be related to a new protocol and a SIM not ready for it?

    Posted via CB10
    04-24-17 08:49 AM

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