08-04-17 08:49 AM
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  1. VictorRight's Avatar
    Blackberry promised the 10.3.4 update but yet still haven't delivered. Can we all file a Class Action Lawsuit. Who's with me??
    Are you seeking monetary damages or policy change? What are your damages?
    08-04-17 01:16 AM
  2. glwerry's Avatar
    Yes, let's trust large corporations and the federal government to protect us. No need for a legal system. (Until you're the one that's the victim.)

    Posted via CB10
    I grant your point, but on balance, I still believe detrimental.

    An example: some years ago a man got drunk at a hotel and went into the pool area, past tape and barriers CLEARLY marking the pool as under construction and not to be used.
    He dove into the empty pool and put himself into a wheelchair.

    He then sued the hotel and won, to the tune of 2+ million dollars, even after admitting in court that his actions were stupid.

    So, now this person's lack of self-control and stupidity have resulted in raised insurance rates, etc.

    But, yes, sometimes it is the only thing keeping corporations in check. However, in my opinion, a lawsuit like the OP is suggesting would be frivolous and useless - baseless, even.
    08-04-17 08:49 AM
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