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    I need for my contacts to use a sub-folder (under the default 'contacts' folder) to sync rather than using the actual parent 'Contacts' Folder. This has to do with the limitation of 3rd party services such as Salesforce only being able to use a folder with the name that they mandate, in this case 'Salesforce_Sync'. This named folder appears in the appropriate account setup screen as described (automatically appears since it's on my Exchange server online), but when I add a new contact from the contacts screen, it does not add it to the subfolder. I thought if I unchecked the parent folder ('Contacts') and only checked the subfolder ('Salesforce_Sync'), it would add any new contacts of which I choose the exchange account for (when adding a contact, you can choose where you want it added along the top... such as Local, Exchange acct, SIM card, etc), to this subfolder. Does BB10 allow for this type of setup, or does it only default to and sync new or added contacts to the Parent folder ('Contacts')?? Please advise... thanks!

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    06-23-15 11:00 PM
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    I'm doing essentially the same thing with an Outlook Contacts sub folder on my PC and a two way sync with BlackBerry Link, so it should work with Exchange as well.
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    06-23-15 11:52 PM
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    Yes, that would work, but what I need is for everything to sync to one point, in this case Exchange Server Online (365), and to that specific subfolder. I don't want to have to depend on my PC or having it on or connected.

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    06-25-15 03:09 AM
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    06-25-15 04:40 PM
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    Thanks for the link, but that info is just basic how to add Exchange ActiveSync, which is fairly easy. I do it both auto and manually, whatever is better for that given User. What I need to know is how to change the folder that it syncs the BB database with. For instance, the default folder is always "Contacts", but I need it to sync with another folder, which DOES appear in the BB Exchange sync settings, but only as an added folder. It then duplicates all the contacts into the Contacts screen because it uses both folders (which is QUITE annoying!).
    08-21-15 03:09 PM

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