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    Maybe I have a bit of a specialty situation, but I'm hoping it's a setting that can be altered.

    My car does hands-free calling but not audio streaming (it doesn't support Bluetooth profiles since it's older), so I use an AUX cable to stream music to the radio. However, when I receive a phone call, I have to pull out the headphone cable to properly answer the phone call - if I leave the headphone plug in, the phone uses that and the local microphone for the call, but once I unplug it, it switches to Bluetooth mic and audio. Once the call is over, I have to plug the headphones back in to continue to stream audio.

    Is there a way to make Bluetooth audio a higher-priority output than the headphone, so that the phone chooses Bluetooth when it's present? That way, I can stream over AUX to my car but when a phone call comes in, it would use Bluetooth rather than getting confused because there's an AUX cable plugged in.

    I'm running 10.3.1, but this has been an issue with every build I've used so far.
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    11-20-14 10:17 AM
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    I'm pretty sure that when you get a call, you can press where is says "Audio", "Speaker", "Headset" on the call screen. This will give you a drop down list of options to use.

    Not sure about setting it up automatically though...#

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    11-20-14 10:22 AM
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    I'll confirm later today if this works, though it wouldn't allow me to answer a call one-click from the steering wheel (as I'd still need to dig out my phone to manually switch the audio to Bluetooth and then wait a few seconds for handoff), but it would at least alleviate having to unplug my phone from the AUX port.

    Ideally, I'd like to see the Blackberry recognize that I'd answered my call using the buttons on my Bluetooth device (my steering wheel, in this case), and see that as a signal of my choice to use Bluetooth rather than the headphones for audio. If I answer the call via my phone directly, it could opt to use the headphones first if they're present.
    11-20-14 11:10 AM
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    I did confirm that I can toggle the connection to "Bluetooth" once the call has started, so at least that improves things. It would just be nice if the phone picked Bluetooth automatically when I use my Bluetooth to pick up the call.
    11-20-14 09:47 PM
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    Maybe try this..

    In the phone app, in the dropdown settings menu there is a section on Bluetooth which has the option to "automatically answer calls when connected to a Bluetooth 'headset'".
    Maybe if you toggle that to on, it will consider your car a "headset" and automatically answer the call. If your Bluetooth headset iniated the call, it should default to the Bluetooth "headset" for the audio input/output.

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    11-21-14 03:04 AM
  6. vipernig's Avatar
    I am having that same issue. Did not try the automatic answer. Yet that can be problematic what if you don't want to answer the call. There has to be a way to have Bluetooth headset, have a higher priority than Line In or wired head set

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    12-15-14 08:13 PM
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    I have the same problem. It's damn annoying. Think someone can write some code that says if using bluetooth handsfree with a lineout aux connection then use the handsfree for the call as there is no mic on the lineout. I can't think of a scenario where I would want the current behaviour.


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    12-15-14 11:22 PM
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    I ended up actually going around this problem entirely but spending $30 and putting in both a Bluetooth music gateway and a group loop noise isolator (to get rid of the humming since the gateway is plugged into the lighter):

    Bluetooth gateway:

    Group loop isolator:
    Robot Check

    Works like a champ and now my music streams wirelessly without an issue. When I paired the gateway, I set it so that it didn't take over phone calls, so those are still handled through my car's integrated Bluetooth as they were before and my new gateway only handles music. My headphone jack and charger outlet are inside the center console and having both pieces of equipment laying on your console might not be ideal, but it's one option.
    01-20-15 04:57 PM
  9. vipernig's Avatar
    That sure looks like a good alternative. But Blackberry should still add the option to set priority to bluetooth headset instead of line in when call comes in. And the funny thing is when the call comes the the output switches to line in when the call connects instead of staying on headset.

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    02-02-15 02:13 PM
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    This is frustrating. It should be a simple enough fix to select some kind of priority to the phone answering a call....

    When you are driving down the road and you get a call, you answer it through the car's BT, but you can't hear anything... The caller hears you, because it is using the mic on the phone, but you can't hear them since the car has disable the radio (aux input)... Now, while you are driving, you have to get the phone, unlock the screen, and change it over to BT... Or what I tend to do is yank the cable out of the headset jack on the phone and then it switches over to BT.
    02-20-15 01:59 PM

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