1. Ian Logan1's Avatar
    Both me and wife have Z30s on Tesco Mobile in UK. Prior to today we could Share a photo on Facebook but that is not now available today. WTF is going on?

    Posted via CB10
    06-04-16 01:41 PM
  2. paulwallace1234's Avatar
    They discontinued the App months ago, surprised it even worked for that long.
    06-04-16 03:39 PM
  3. Ian Logan1's Avatar
    We were using the Facebook.com version which is still working for viewing posts but now can't upload photos. Is it Facebook or BlackBerry integration problem? If it's BB it's a step too far we are ditching it and goingb(very grudgingly) to Android. And it certainly won't be for an ugly Priv

    Posted via CB10
    06-04-16 03:53 PM
  4. paulwallace1234's Avatar
    Ah, thought you where using the Share option from the gallery.
    Is this the web browser your using?
    The Add Photos button is showing up here
    06-04-16 04:55 PM

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