09-22-13 10:34 PM
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  1. banana_512's Avatar

    I`ve been through all of the forums but could not get a conclusive or effective idea.

    I had installed on my STL100-2 Z10, everything was running cool and smooth.

    I downloaded 2.0.1725, did a full backup of my phone via BBLINK and then installed the new leak.

    *** I always wipe BEFORE and AFTER installing a new OS (leak or not)***

    I cannot get BBLink to restore my app data and configs, I really need my contacts, emails and app (and configs as well, obviously).

    Phone gets prepared for restoring, restore starts and, at 0%, the restore freezes and it stops.

    I already tried rebooting the phone, the pc, reinstalled link, installed the leaked link, uninstalled the leaked link, reinstalled the official link release, nothing worked. Even tried in a different pc by transferring my backup file over to the other, but no success.

    Can anybody please give me a light?

    Any help will be much appreciated!
    I know exactly how this feel bro! I'm experiencing the same and it's burning me day by day! ]:<
    09-22-13 10:30 PM
  2. SubCamp's Avatar
    Same thing happened to me. I had to re install the OS and It works great.. It wasn't connecting to the wife at my hotel

    Posted via CB10
    09-22-13 10:34 PM
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