1. thealterlion's Avatar
    So I'm doing an experiment and wondering how usable a BB10 device can be, so I got my old Q10 back and started trying out some apps.

    I installed the modified Discord app by xcrazys, but when logging in it gets stuck on the reCaptcha, saying that the captcha won't run without google play services.

    I remember having discord work earlier this year, is there any way to bypass this captcha?
    10-23-21 05:52 PM
  2. thealterlion's Avatar
    oddly enough, my alt account seems to work just fine, but my main account refuses to log in. I even tried turning off 2fa but it made no difference
    10-23-21 06:26 PM
  3. XcrazyS's Avatar
    1. Install Fennec or Kiwi Browser.
    2. Enter Discord via Browser, log in and pass captcha verification.
    3. Confirm the login to the account from the new access point from the incoming email.
    4. Go to Discord from a mobile client, the captcha will already be passed.
    10-24-21 09:49 AM

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