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    I've just had my new z30 delivered (my first bb10 experience) and have had some problems setting up email, of all things. I am using my own hosting company and couldn't get my imap email setup.

    When I finish setting it up in accounts the account won't verify, says it can't access the server, but get this :
    It works on cellular network but not on wifi!

    I need it to work on wifi. I did some research and found one suggestion to re register the device in settings, tried that. I can receive emails fine on wifi and/or cellular data. Can't send on my home wifi. I can email outgoing if I disconnect the wifi and send over cellular. Only on the bb, every other device using that email account and the same wifi just works. And if I try to verify the settings in accounts it will fail, not being able to see the server - only if on wifi. Of course I've verified many times the same email account works on other devices over wifi.

    Any idea how to solve this very annoying problem? There's no issue with my wifi or the email account, it's just the BlackBerry.
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    12-01-14 05:36 AM
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    Are you sure that you are not using the smtp server from your carrier ? Can you post some screenshots of this account settings ? (Smtp part first)

    And if you set several email account, tell us which is the default one.
    12-01-14 06:40 AM
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    I presume you can send and receive just fine using your laptop/desktop using your wifi. Does the hosting service require you to login before sending? A fair number of ISPs do so your hosting company may need it as well. Odd though that the Cellular path to the host works fine but a wifi path does not.

    What company does the hosting by the way?
    12-01-14 09:43 AM
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    I fixed this. I was trying to use non ssl for outgoing and ssl for incoming (valid, it's how my server was setup). I was using the correct settings but it failed no matter what I tried : registering blackberry again, reboot, deleting and setting up email account many times. I configured my mail server outgoing smtp port to use a valid ssl certificate (needed to do this anyhow).

    Then, tried setting up my blackberry email account again and it now works. Weird.
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    12-01-14 11:52 AM

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