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    Long time lurker, first time poster (aside from contests)...

    I'm a big reader of the Gawker Media sites (primarily deadspin, gizmodo and kotaku). I like their mobile sites because they're clean and don't autoplay a bunch of video ads. It was perfect for my 9900. Now that I have the Z10, I'm finding that no matter what I try, the browser always directs me to the full desktop site (i.e. i'll enter m.deadspin.com and the browser will automatically change it to deadspin.com). I have tried turning off desktop mode off in settings but no luck.

    This seems to only be happening to the gawker sites I visit. Crackberry, The Verge, ESPN, Sports Illustrated.. all of them have no issues when I access the mobile site. But the gawker sites? No matter what I try, I can't seem to access the mobile site.

    Anyone have any suggestions?
    02-18-13 10:53 PM
  2. InvalidUser0510's Avatar
    If flash is on, try turning it off. Otherwise, I have no idea what you could do to force it to go to mobile
    02-19-13 03:10 AM
  3. Thunderbuck's Avatar
    That's what Reader mode is made for.

    I feel your pain, btw. Those are some of my favorite sites too.
    02-19-13 04:03 AM
  4. torpesco's Avatar
    Email them about the BlackBerry 10 user agent string?


    Posted via CB10
    02-19-13 05:46 AM
  5. danfrancisco's Avatar
    Email them about the BlackBerry 10 user agent string?

    The BlackBerry 10 User Agent String Has Arrived! BlackBerry Developer Blog

    Posted via CB10
    Thanks, torpesco for the tip with the agent string. I'll try emailing Gawker with the info and see if there's something they can do on their end (not holding my breath!).
    02-19-13 11:41 AM
  6. danfrancisco's Avatar
    Thought I'd bump this thread with an update.

    I did end up email Gawker support last month to raise the issue of their mobile sites not recognizing the Z10 as a mobile phone and passed on the BB10 user agent string link to them. Almost a month's gone by with no updates so I decided to try and see how deadspin.com looks on my Z10 today. Lo and behold, they've re-designed their site and now the Z10 loads a mobile view. Nice! Did my email have anything to do with it? Absolutely not! They probably had this new "Kinja" platform update (whatever that is) planned for months now. I'm glad I've got a compact mobile page to view now. i09.com also got updated. Kotaku, Gizmodo and LIfehacker are still on the old design. I imagine they'll move to Kinja as well soon enough.
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    03-12-13 10:48 PM

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