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    Hello, I'm a two year user of the Z10 from Verizon Wireless. On 7/8/15 a BB alarm alerted me to a mandatory 10.3 OS upgrade. Clicked download, and after many days (24 hours to get past 98%, then 99%, multiple tries, only to hang, multiple calls to BB Tech Support) it took until 7/14/15 to see the new 10.3 OS. However, when I did, I saw an entirely new phone; the only thing the 10.3 Z10 remembered was my security password to open the phone. All data, accounts, photos, Remember notes, files and folders structures, and a few APPs were all gone (or stripped of my settings), personalizations, etc. Used BB Link (after upgrading its version) and the Z10 then showed 1,550 Contacts (after the delay of building an index), yet the 10.2 Z10 had over 3,000 Contacts before the OS upgrade. A promised call back from BB Tech Support today did not occur today, 11 hours and counting. Id like to know how the BB updating process should work (download, install, restart, yes, but details of what's happening and didn't happen), this in addition to answers to a list of specific questions. Not a game player, the Z10 was an important business tool. After hours of reading posts, it seems safe to say all my data, photos, etc, etc, is gone. Sure I can install from a backup (but thats 4 months old yes, my mistake!), yet how is it that everything is lost and my phone appears wiped? Tonight I purchased byebyeblackberry.com where I will detail what has happened and this apparent devastating lost of data and the lack of serious customer service.
    07-17-15 09:55 PM
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    That is bad, if you do rely on OTA you should backup more regularly. Personally I prefer cloud. Let us know when they eventually call.

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    07-17-15 10:39 PM
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    Of course, that is a terrible situation for sure.

    I'm sorry you are learning a hard lesson that every computer user should know: backup backup backup. Smartphones are Computers too.

    As for your Email, Calendar & contacts, what system or device are they synced with? Cloud email account or Outlook on your PC? If you don't sync with another device and don't backup often, how would you recover from hardware failure or theft?

    I think that SMS should never be used for business correspondence because it's not synced and is easily lost.

    Pictures are easily synced to Box, Dropbox or OneDrive for free.

    Don't think for a second that other phones are better either. I have a client with an iPhone 5. His wife died and he had a bunch of text messages between them on his iPhone. They were there until Apple did an OTA update. Then they were gone and weren't in his backup file either.

    Software is so far from perfect that it's amazing things work as well as they do.

    Backup backup backup backup backup

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    07-18-15 12:04 AM
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    Thanks for comment. No call, guess I'll try Monday... but only to have their tech place me on hold as they call someone, scan a database of things to say, or something else laced with apologies. I'd really like to fully understand how the BB OS updating process is suppose to work, lost data aside, something went very wrong, IMO.
    07-18-15 09:26 PM
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    My error was not to backup more often. Would have, but the BB Link software and or Z10 were not working, so I let it slip, again my error.

    However, before I use the Z10, or try to restore from the dated backup and snyc, I feel I deserve to know what happened, how updates are suppose to work- when they function as planned! Seems a few lines of code and a warning message (that requires one to physically type "YES" to a message saying something like "I understand my phone will be wiped- all data, profiles, accounts, preferences and settings will be lost." I had no such warnings, it was "Click" to start download, 2) "Yes" to install (or that step may have started automatically...?), and then "Yes" to Restart Z10.

    So when one upgrades from BB 10.2 to 10.3 OS, is it true that in doing so one ends up with a completely "new" phone? And all that's maintained is your password?

    Either way, the process and outcome, was a disastrous mess... and that it occurred over 7-8 days waiting patiently to move past 98%, 99% etc., guided by three "BB Techs", and just I'm so sorry... :-(
    07-18-15 09:44 PM
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    This was one messy OTA.
    No its not normal. The phone should have all your data in tact after the update. The update itself should have taken no more than 2 hrs, so something bad definitely happened.
    Were you on the go during install? Like switching WiFi access points or switching from WiFi to mobile data?
    Or did you do it at home?
    07-18-15 10:00 PM

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