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    I know you can only sign in to one Blackberry at a time but if I go from one to one can I put the episodes on each phone?

    I'm planning on buying them from BlackBerry World and was going to put it on all my families devices. I know there is a max limit of 5 downloads. I was just wondering if my fiance signs back in with their I'd will it remove it from their device.

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    10-24-13 05:26 PM
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    I was wondering how to do this too, since it says the "5 downloads" thing.

    Nobody at Rovi / CinemaNow has idea what I'm talking about when I asked about cross-compatibility with BB10 purchases from BB World.
    10-24-13 05:36 PM
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    Damn. I need an answer lol

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    10-24-13 05:52 PM
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    Can you put it on your computer or the cloud? If so then any number of devices should have access to it.

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    10-24-13 05:59 PM
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    10-24-13 07:32 PM
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    10-24-13 08:41 PM
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    10-25-13 06:17 AM