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    I need to know if I can change the automatic insertion of the date in camera pictures. I know the date is saved in the photos properties.. I just don't want it when I take the photos in the saved file extension .... example ; IMG_20160611_105721 way too long. Image number suffices.

    Thanks in advance

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    06-11-16 09:13 PM
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    First World Problem

    BlackBerry Passport Sliver Edition
    06-11-16 09:44 PM
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    First World Problem

    BlackBerry Passport Sliver Edition
    Uhhhhh yeah... thanks

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    06-12-16 12:20 AM
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    Do you know how to sideload, I can probably bake you a quick headless app that would automatically change file name and remove the first part (IMG_20160611_) and only keep the last part. Hope that last part is enough to avoid duplicated name which could lead in overwriting the old image, I'll try to catch those and add (1), (2), etc. Don't know when I'll have time to do it, but shouldn't be a difficult app to built.

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    06-12-16 12:26 AM
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    You do this on your phone or desktop computer? I'm a nerd 😋
    06-12-16 12:45 AM
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    Here it is, really simple headless app that will watch your camera roll and automatically change filename to shorten it. Sideload needed, if you don't know what sideload is, my friend Google has a pretty good explanation on what it is and how to do it, you should ask him.


    You only need to install it and you're done. Don't need to let it opened as an active frame.

    From my little testing, it works pretty well, only issue is I'm also using Snap2Share app (really awesome app, 100% recommended), Snap2Share will show 2 notifications back to back as it probably also use the same method as this app and detects changes to camera roll folder, as changing the name of the file is also considered a change in the camera roll folder, Snap2Share will think it's a new file.

    EDIT: only works for new files, will not change your older files.

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    06-12-16 10:29 AM

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