1. svein99's Avatar
    I can receive BBM calls on my phone and dictate messages (the latter when started on the phone, but BBM contacts don't show up in my contacts list in the car. Is this fixed in 10.3?

    Using the personal assistant to call a normal contact often fail to correctly identify the right contact and there is no process to spell or search only first or family names. It also appear not to use much AI as it does not check grammar, duplicate words, hesitations when speaking nor the word stop to signify the end of the sentence. How does this work in 10.3?

    10-23-14 09:15 PM
  2. Meshari's Avatar
    I've used 10.3 with BBM voice on the Q10 via Car blue-tooth system and it was working fine, calling and receiving, I have not used the personal assistant though. neither 10.2.
    10-23-14 09:29 PM

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