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    In fact this applies to any BlackBerry users in South Africa , particularly if you use Discovery, whether it's Health, Life, Insure, Invest, Vitality or Card.

    As you may or may not know (but won't be suprised) Discovery has shafted BlackBerry users with their "app", which can only be used by Insure members, and even more so BB10 users by offering NOTHING. Meanwhile iPhone and Android users are getting ROBUST FEATURE RICH apps. This is despite the fact that a VAST number of South Africans still very much use BlackBerry.

    What a bunch of rubbish, I mean honestly if they were really being that tight with money and didn't want to make a native app, they could at least port over something for BB10 customers. As clients I don't see why we should be treated any differently simply because of the device we use. And so I queried it with them...
    Let's just say their first response did not go down well, in fact it was unacceptable and I told them just that!
    Queried again why as their clients we should be discriminated against and why Discovery would not atleast consider porting over an app, not all that freaking difficult. My query was taken more seriously this time and I got the following response:

    " Thank you for your email.

    I have contacted our Systems development team and they gave me the below feedback with regards to your query.
    Discovery will assess uptake of BB10 with the next round of handset interrogation, we should have data by the end of November. If there is enough uptake (5% and growing) we will port our Android application to BB10.

    We truly apologise for any inconvenience caused in this regard.

    Kind regards

    Theremo Motene
    Discovery Website"

    And so lovely people, my request is this pop a quick email to Discovery querying a BB10 app at mobile_feedback@discovery.co.za
    Or from their feedback forms www.discovery.co.za

    Crackberry community has been spectacular in banding together and showing the haters that we are here and have no intention of going anywhere. Let's make this another one of those times.

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    Just for the record for anyone that's interested, I decided to try sideload their app on my PlayBook.
    Got the apk from the Play Store, convert to bar and threw it on.
    So far so good, its the full app. All seems to be working really well and smooth.
    Just goes to show that it really wouldnt take much for them to port it over and YES I will be telling them exactly this!!!

    On a side note, if it work on the PlayBook then it should undoubtedly work on a BB10, so with that in mind, I having work .bar for the Discovery App, if anyone wants it
    11-08-13 02:06 PM

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