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    I've been recently getting a lot of spam calls and want to turn on call block under phone settings. But it asks me for a password for which I have no idea as I never set one.

    I have tried 0000, 1111, 9999, but no luck. Anyone have any suggestions how I can get this figured out? I appreciate any help.

    Z30 / STA 100-3 /
    01-22-14 07:42 PM
  2. MobileMadness002's Avatar
    Not really used for anything. It is thee incase the carrier does allow you to modify their systems in regards to call delivery. Rogers for example has a paid feature but not from within that option. Has to be done using their web interface. And goes without saying is a paid feature. So in short dont bother entering passwords as it will fail.

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    01-22-14 07:56 PM
  3. Essoo's Avatar
    Try 1234. This how i just enabled mine

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    01-22-14 07:59 PM
  4. howards's Avatar
    Try 1234. This how i just enabled mine

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    Thanks but didn't work. Any other ideas?

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    01-22-14 09:37 PM
  5. MobileMadness002's Avatar
    Yeah, contact your carrier to see if they have a feature for you or pay for a third party app in bbw.

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    01-23-14 12:37 PM
  6. howards's Avatar
    Actually what I did was forward everything to VM. The spammers rarely leave a message. Plus I don't get many personal phone calls. Works better than blocking all calls for me.

    Hopefully the spam deluge will end in a week and I can set the phone back to normal.

    Z30 / STA 100-3 /
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    01-23-14 01:48 PM
  7. sonic7777's Avatar
    I can't see why a carrier wouldn't support this feature unless it's a money grab. Or perhaps if you subscribe to call block it allows this function to work

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    04-02-14 10:15 AM
  8. sonic7777's Avatar
    Just confirmed with virgin mobile, he has talked to BlackBerry support and says the feature is in the OS but doesn't work. Although I doubt this as others have been able to use it. Not sure how to reset the password.

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    04-02-14 12:38 PM
  9. Black Ice's Avatar
    I'm willing to bet it's probably in our ID numbers on our phones. I tried 7777777, My cell number no dice.
    04-06-14 12:42 PM
  10. andy957's Avatar
    I called Bell and they had no idea about this password,they told me I'd have to contact BlackBerry, so after much aggravation, I got her to contact BB tech support to find out. She then disconnected my phone call, so the guy from BB actually called me back directly! I am mega-impressed. Anyway he told me that this comes from the carrier, not them, and first the feature has to be enabled on your account. Then the carrier will give you the password.

    I called Bell Tech Support again, and after no luck with another agent, I asked to speak with a supervisor. He informed me that Bell's network does not support this feature, and BB depends on the network for these features to work or you cannot enable or use the feature. This is unlike iOS or Android where the feature is device-, not network-specific.
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    11-14-14 03:50 PM

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