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    Please bare with me for this question. I have (rarely) come to the desktop version of the site so that I can make things as clear in case anyone is able to help.

    What I had done with all the BlackBerry Link issues and MS Outlook 2007 was set up my BB Z10 Calender to sync to an outlook.com account set up specifically for it. I used an account on my own domain for this and I can see that the outlook.com web based calender matches my Z10.

    MS Outlook 2007 does not though:
    * For example I have an appointment on my Z10 set up in December. I can see it on Outlook.com but I can not see it in the calender on my MS Outlook.
    * Likewise some appointments that I have entered on my MS Outlook appear on my Outlook.com but not my handset (mostly birthdays - but some appointments too) but these occur within the next week as well as in the future.
    * Other appointments appear on all three

    Now I am at a loss to understand why this would happen..... I can not get BB Link to work as it keeps crashes at boot otherwise I would be thankful for Link 2 Way Outlook Sync. I am trawling the forums to find a solution to that too although nothing seems to work.
    09-15-13 05:07 AM
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    I have had similar issues with my dad's Z10 and Outlook. The move to an online calendar was the right thing to do, as the Z10 works MUCH better with an online calendar. Best bet might be to abandon outlook entirely and JUST use the cloud. HOWEVER you probably can add the online outlook calendar to outlook. Go to the calendar section and then check the options menus, there should be a section for entering the info for the online outlook calendar.
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    09-15-13 11:29 PM
  3. TPsycho's Avatar
    Hi pkcable,

    Yes I have already added my outlook calendar to my MS Outlook which is the one that is not updating.

    That is what is baffling me. Why the updates are not syncing from the cloud Outlook to MS Outlook and vice versa.


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    09-15-13 11:33 PM

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