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    It appears that Bell Mobility (Canada) has had a falling out with Microsoft and as a result are migrating all their users to a Bell.net based platform. This means we will no longer have the use of outlook.com (it comes under many names like hotmail, sympatico, bell.net windows live whatever) as a email/calendar and contact application. After spending much time getting the bell.net email/cal/contact application to work properly on my PC, I still have not been able to get my BB Z10 to work properly.

    Under settings/accounts, the old method was to just put in, in my case a sympatico id and password and the BB Z10 automatically logs in and brings in all your email/cal/contact information. This information was totally mirrored on you PC and BB Z10

    Now you have to go to "advance" , change the mail servers to pophm.sympatico.ca, change your port number, change your SMTP server address to smtpphm.sympatico.ca, change your port to 587, change your smtp encryption and than save.......really......... that is only for your email.

    For Calendar and Contacts you change the CalDAV (calendar) and CardDAV (Contacts) settings. Must all this happen to make it work.

    The problem is that CalDAV (calendar) does not work both ways. Calendar updated on the PC, updates the Calendar on the BB. Updating the Calendar on the BB does not update the Calendar on the PC.

    Bell support says that they are overrun with support calls on a litany of problems relating to this migration. After my calls to Bell about the calendar issue it says it is a BB problem and to call them.....

    Worked well before these the Bell.net migration and Bell decided to run their own servers because of this falling out.with Microsoft. Their solution/offering is a disaster. More importantly is there a solution?

    I need help. I assume this is going to be a big deal to many users to many BB users to have the BB and PC cal in sync.


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    02-29-16 01:57 PM
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    My email's are with Bell (Sympatico, bell.net) and I have no problems - knocking on wood.

    Are yours new accounts?

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    03-01-16 06:16 AM
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    No they are not new accounts. Bell is in the process of migrating their email/cal/contact platform from Microsoft to their own servers. It requires you to reset all your BB account settings for it to work. See this link (Bell email migration ? What you need to know.) and read number 14 on the list. Does not work both ways....this migration is happening to all Bell Mobility customers early in 2016.....no choice.
    03-01-16 12:26 PM
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    Hmmm ok! First I've heard of it changing and when I tried to change my settings I keep getting a message saying the port isn't right or the server is down!

    What settings did you use?

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    03-01-16 07:08 PM
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    The ones on the instructions.......I get the same result as you or it keeps spinning till it times out.....Not very welld esigned or rolled out.
    03-03-16 08:47 AM
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    I went through this. Here's the fix.

    1) Add your normal email account. If you've already done this then skip this step.

    2) Go to the add accounts page and select Advanced at the bottom

    3) At the bottom of the screen there should be an option to add a CalDAV account and below that a CarDAV account. Select CalDAV

    4) On the account setup page enter your email address and password.

    5) Under server address enter: dav.webmail.bell.net

    6) Select Port 443

    7) Turn SSL on

    8) Click Save at the top of the screen

    9) Repeat these settings for a CarDAV account

    This will add your calendar and contacts back into your bell.net or sympatico.ca email account

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    03-04-16 06:07 AM
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    I followed the Bell email migration instructions including calendar and contacts. After the migration, my bell.net account contains all the calendar, contacts and emails. However, my sympatico.ca account only contains my emails. I don't see my calendar or contacts on the website either and I tried to restore my calendar from Ultimate Backup and nothing appears in the sympatico.ca calendar. Is there a step I am missing?
    03-21-16 12:41 PM
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    Finally decided to continue to use sympatico.com for me email....for now. Have moved both my wife's and my calendar and contacts over to Google.

    Installed Google mail/cal/contacts on our Blackberrys (Passport) and everything syncs perfectly without going through the caldav and carddav process.

    Took me a couple of hours to manually move all forward appointments and contacts (Contacts was done automatically) but now my desktop (iMac), iPad and Blackberry are all in sync. We are even sharing each others calendars.

    Going forward, I am going to inform my contacts about my new Google email address and good bye outlook or bell or hotmail or windows live or whatever the app de jour these guys confuse us with.

    The plus part of this migration is that I am no longer tied to Bell as a service provider. I can now move at will to the whomever provides me with a better value proposition. Thx for all your help. Bell was not able to provide anything.
    04-04-16 07:39 PM

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