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    I received my Passport a couple of days ago and I just received a calendar invitation to my Hotmail account. My sync'ed calendar is Gmail, but this isn't a problem obviously: accepting invitations just add it to the main calendar, Gmail in my case.

    Now, when I receive an calendar invite to Hotmail on my BlackBerry, I only see this:
    Calendar invitation request blank, problem-img_20140929_134541.png

    And when I receive an invitation to my Gmail address, I see it without problem and can accept it.

    Funny thing is, with BlackBerry Blend, I cab see the calendar invitation, but there is no button to add it to calendar. And even if it worked, it needs to work on the BlackBerry too as it did before.

    Anybody know what's wrong?

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    09-29-14 12:58 PM
  2. RubenDM's Avatar
    I had the same issue on my Q10.
    However, when i went to my mail accounts and syncd events. It showed up...

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    09-29-14 01:00 PM
  3. BadGoliath42's Avatar
    Well, I didn't accept the invitation yet, I can't accept it. And it's not in my calendar.

    So, did you fix the problem or you just circumvented it?
    09-29-14 01:43 PM
  4. RubenDM's Avatar
    When i had this problem i had a lot of stuf from my account that where not synced. So i went to all my accounts and turned on EVERY sync option i had.
    Once it totally synced (3-4h) i could accept the invite.
    It was no longer blanc.
    It did not happen again after i did this...
    So check if you have evrything on sync in your accounts.
    If you do, than i cannot help you.
    If some options are turned off : turn them on and wait a bit
    It may help, but cannot guarantee. It worked over here

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    09-29-14 02:03 PM
  5. BadGoliath42's Avatar

    Your trick didn't work, by the way Ruben. If I add Hotmail calendar sync, I can now see appoitments I receive on this email address, but can only add it to this same calendar, which doesn't fix my problem since my main calendars are on Gmail. But thanks anyway for the tip.

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    10-07-14 04:04 PM
  6. BadGoliath42's Avatar
    Still stuck with the same problem. Am I the only one using different emails to receive calendar appointments without syncing all calendars? I just want a single place (Gmail) to have my main calendars, but use my main email address (Hotmail) to receive them.

    It has worked well in the past, before the Passport and 10.3 anyway.
    10-15-14 11:40 PM
  7. deercreekmichael's Avatar
    I have this problem now on my Z10. When I get invitations from Meetups.com for up coming events in the hub, the details used to appear under the Details tab and the Accept box along the bottom. Now it's blank. It is synced to my Gmail account.

    Note: It only started happening after I did a device swipe. Anybody else having this issue?

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    10-27-14 01:45 PM
  8. Anubhav Nagpal's Avatar
    I have this issue too on my Z30 Z30STA100-2/
    When I receive invitations from Meetup, however I haven't wiped my device neither did a new software install.

    Monster Z30 | Connect 2BA7BC8C | follow @anubhavnagpal | join BBM India Hangout at C0001C740
    10-27-14 01:49 PM
  9. deercreekmichael's Avatar
    Well, I posted the same question to BlackBerry Support. Hopefully, I get an answer from there. Meanwhile, here are the contents of the ICS file attached to the calendar invitation. It does look a little different compared to a Google Calendar invitation:

    PRODID:-//Meetup//Meetup Events v1.0//EN
    X-WR-CALNAME:Events - Durham Region Improve French Conversational Skills
    SUMMARY:Venez nous joindre\, CE MARDI!!!\, pour pratiquer votre franais!
    DESCRIPTION:Durham Region Improve French Conversational Skills\nTuesday\,
      October 28 at 7:00 PM\n\nDetails: http://www.meetup.com/Durham-Region-I
    ORGANIZER;CN=Meetup Reminder:MAILTO:info@meetup.com
    LOCATION:Coffee Culture (1525 Dundas Street East Whitby\, ON \, Whitby\, 
     ON\, Canada)
    10-27-14 02:29 PM
  10. gusmuh's Avatar
    Workaround that works for my Z10 View attachments in hub from the menu. Click on the "AT1000" or whatever the invite is called. It will download. Go back to the messages, and it will work to add it. Hope this gets fixed for me in 10.3.1.
    10-27-14 06:06 PM
  11. deercreekmichael's Avatar
    Workaround that works for my Z10 View attachments in hub from the menu. Click on the "AT1000" or whatever the invite is called. It will download. Go back to the messages, and it will work to add it. Hope this gets fixed for me in 10.3.1.
    Lucky for you the invite is treated like an email with an attachment. With mine, it's a calendar invitation so I cannot click on an attachment. It also does not get treated as an attachment so it doesn't appear in the attachments tab of the Hub.

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    10-27-14 09:08 PM
  12. BadGoliath42's Avatar
    My workaround has been to create an automatic forward rule for any email containing "Invite" from Hotmail (blank invitation problem) to Gmail, where I can see received invitations correctly.

    It works, but I wish it would work the same as before. Hope it's fixed in a future release.

    Posted via CB10 on my SQW100-1/
    10-29-14 11:48 PM
  13. iamrauu's Avatar
    I have this problem on both Passport (running official OS) and Z30 running a leak 10.3.1 this was working before on an earlier leak. I also have the same setup as OP (Gmail cal), hopefully addressed on the 27th

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    01-20-15 11:19 AM
  14. deercreekmichael's Avatar
    Installing the latest leak solved this problem for me. I'm running OS Version software release However, it is now an "Add to Calendar" instead of "Accept".

    Calendar invitation request blank, problem-img_20150222_091448.png

    Posted via CB10
    02-22-15 08:15 AM

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