1. Fotis_Greece's Avatar
    Hello dear friends,
    My Z30 is running the latest OS
    When I start the calendar app the "focus" date is the today March 3 2015. When I rotate the screen to landscape the focus goes to February 1 2015. When I rotate again to portrait the focus goes to January 1 2015 and so on it goes ...

    Can anyone else please verify this bug? It happens only when calendar is in month view.
    Tnanks in advance
    03-03-15 08:35 AM
  2. Thorsten Heinsight's Avatar
    Yes, known bug. There's another thread about it:

    I believe the issue has been fixed in the latest beta version, will likely be implemented in 10.3.2.
    03-05-15 10:07 AM

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