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    Hi everybody,

    I use a Z10 and sync via CalDav with a server called "Daylite" (CRM software). After the latest update to the BB OS 10.3.2 the sync is broken - including a weird behaviour.

    The BB recognizes the Daylite server account and the login credentials.

    The calender on the BB even recognizes the different categories within the Daylite calendar.

    So far, so good. Now it begins:

    When I try to refresh the Daylite calender on my BB, appointments are not synced to the BB. When I set the configuration to sync back to specific date (let's say the last month), appointments on my BB are deleted.

    When I create an appointment on my BB in this very CalDav Daylite calendar IT IS SYNCED TO THE DAYLITE SERVER. Strange enough, the original appointment made on my BB then is DELETED.

    The Contact sync (via CardDav into the same Daylite server) works fine.

    Has anyone come across a smiliar problem since the 10.3.2 update? Any hint is highly appreciated.

    Txs and kind regards,
    10-12-15 12:17 PM

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