1. senel's Avatar
    I found that If I write more than 3 lines of text to text field (email is fine) and it doesnt matter in which app (BBM, SMS, Whatsapp...), text entering becomes extremely laggy, for example I have to wait about 5 seconds to text appear :/

    I have Q10 (SQN-3) running 1791 with device encryption off (founfa out,that encryption causes the bigger lags).

    Any ideas?
    10-23-13 03:12 AM
  2. VeniceBB's Avatar
    Running the exact same device/model and OS as you do I have no such trouble. Has it been this way from installation on or is it something that started at a later time?

    Either way, if you haven't yet, try hard-rebooting your phone (hold volume up and down buttons and keep holding them until the loading square appears. Can sometimes take up to a minute)
    If that doesn't work, try a security wipe. Do a backup first though because the wipe will delete everything.
    10-23-13 06:46 AM
  3. senel's Avatar
    Honestly, I dont really know if it was from installation.

    Tried hard and soft reboot and it helps, text entering is smooth and lag-free but about day or so it ends same - with huge lags when trying to enter text.

    When I updated to 1791 (came from 1767) I made a secure wipe and then restored all my data from backup - maybe this should cause a problem but I dont have time to test it right now.
    10-23-13 07:06 AM

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