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    I'm experiencing problems with the keyboard layout. I have three languages set up (English, German and Romanian) on my Z30, but all with the same layout. For English and German it's QWERTZ, but for Romanian it's 'QWERTZ(Romnă)' - I don't think that the two are really different. The language switching pop-up for the virtual keyboard is showing me two options:
    'English/German/Romanian(QWERTZ)' and 'Romanian(QWERTZ)' - which I think is wrong, because the Romanian option is listed twice, but of course has the same layout as the English and German QWERTZ.*

    Any idea if this is known bug?

    Bug in the keyboard layout switcher?-img_20150619_112442.png

    Posted via CB10
    06-19-15 04:43 AM

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