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    So I've been having lots of trouble doing searches because of lag when typing into the "search box." I originally thought it was just Google, but it's Bing and Yahoo as well.

    Whenever I try to type something there is a considerable lag, sometimes several seconds between pressing the letter key and then the letters actually showing up in the search box. Sometimes it stalls completely.

    Using a z30 running on software release

    I've restarted several times and cleared history as well.....no changes.

    Other than the above, the phone seems to be running fine.

    But this basically makes the Internet almost unusable.

    Anyone have any thoughts? It just showed up a few days to a week ago.


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    11-27-16 08:22 PM
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    Open your device settings -> BlackBerry Assistant -> Device Search Settings -> open the 'Extended' tab and check your favorite search engines. (also, while you are here at this screen, you can long-press these items. Then move them up and down the list to prioritize them)
    Save the settings by backing out of these screens.

    Now whenever you want to search Google, just type your search straight from the home screen of your phone, then click on the google icon in your extended search section of the BlackBerry Assistant.

    ...I guess if you are one of those touch screen type people, there is an extra step. From the home screen, click on the magnifying glass at the bottom of your screen to open the keyboard and Assistant. THEN type in what you wish to search, and click the google icon.

    Or, if you are already in the browser, open the URL box and type your search there. Then hit enter to search Google. (you can change the search engine by clicking on the icon to the right of the URL box, and selecting one from the dropdown)

    Tip: If you are using a physical keyboard phone, quickly open the URL box by pressing the letter U from within the browser.

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