1. para4175's Avatar
    I have a Q10 and was wondering if group messaging has been fixed yet for example when I am in a group message conversation going back and fourth... my message always go to the individuals that are in the group chat singular on the side.

    Any fix there besides having them download BBM which they won't

    Posted via CB10
    02-07-15 02:51 PM
  2. Elite1's Avatar
    Fixed thread title. It said "goup" before.

    If you're always messaging with the same group, using BBM or WhatsApp is going to be far superior for everyone than SMS texting.

    Can you explain what you mean please? Do you mean when you text more than one person they can't tell it's a multiperson chat?

    You can see that if you start the chat or send at least one message like that. If you just receive and just reply it will only go to the original sender.
    02-07-15 05:11 PM

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