1. indiewolf's Avatar
    Hello all,

    Big issue for the last 4 days.
    I am on BB10, Z10, Model STL100-1,, OS-

    My personal space browser suddenly stopped working. checked online, many have faced this issue and solutions involve deleting history etc but all that is not an option in my case since i am unable to access the menu items , the 3 dots don't work. neither does typing any url or the new page button etc. its completely frozen.
    while one browser doesn't work , even if i use another app to open a link in the browser, the work browser on work space works perfectly fine.
    After much reading and doing both soft and hard resets - restarts and taking battery out etc i decided to replace the existing sys.browser file (blackberry's file for the browser) as there is no other way to reset the data/cache in the browser. so,
    1) i replaced the sys.browser file (original - came with the last and latest software update with a 10.3 browser from the crackberry forums. the work browser was also replaced understandably which confirms that the browser file is the same for both instances albeit with different settings/bookmarks etc . so this file also doesn't work in the personal space . still frozen, but when i open a link using a third party app then the browser starts working while that link is open. as soon as this instance is closed, the browser goes back to its frozen state.
    2) i search further and found a stable , recommended 10.2.2 browser. same issue as above with that too.
    3) downloaded a 10.1.0 version browser too, didn't work at all, just a black screen. i tried then both internal phone updates and blackberry link to update the phone - well hoping that while the phone os hasn't changed but since i had downgraded its browser i wondered if it would update the browser to an original one , fresh and all.
    4) sadly nothing works, the interesting part being while the version and file size of the actual sys.browser bar file changed, the cache size remained the same.
    5) i have for the meantime again installed the frozen 10.3.0 browser as stated in (1) ; while it is frozen it does atleast one thing better than others, without harming the work browser.
    6) i am a little concerned and apprehensive of having bar files on a personal device from total strangers especially with all security issues and hackers at large.

    So i am looking for either a solution to the above problem with a stable browser for . i do not want to do a full reload of the software since that is a waste of time - considering the setup of all apps and other settings. don't want to go for that route. I also cannot wait until 10.3.1 whenever that is released officially since that could take months form now.
    Please help .

    Note: for the above a chrome extension which lets sideload .bar files or .apk files was used. its highly recommended and pretty neat and stable for such tasks.

    All other apps work, so does everything on the work space including browser enterprise IM and emails.
    10-15-14 12:51 PM
  2. Azensun's Avatar
    It sounds like you have tried every possible fix! That's awesome! But, if you're still having issues, really the only thing left to do is reinstall the OS. I know you stated specifically that you don't want to do that, but clearly something has gone haywire, and all attempts you've made just didn't work.
    You could also just try a security wipe. Yes, you'll have to re-establish all of your apps and settings, but it might clear out whatever is stuck and causing the browser failure.
    BlackBerry does have some pretty good knowledge base articles on their website, you might want to check there as well and determine if they have any other suggestions. Good luck.
    10-16-14 12:18 PM
  3. blueyestm's Avatar
    installing another browser just so you can surf on the personal side isn't an option?
    10-16-14 12:39 PM

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