1. tbkfan's Avatar
    I gave up on Bridge with my Bold 9900 and my PlayBook a while back. Quite often, if I left my PB in a non-wifi connected place (my truck usually) and walked away with my Bold, severing the bridge connection, when I would return it wouldn't fully restore the bridge connection with all services. Web browsing would work, and my POP email would restore, but the connection to Office 365 Exchange Server would not be restored and the only solution was re-boot. I spent countless hours on the phone with PlayBook senior level support team, even going all the way to the development team and they couldn't resolve it. It got to the point that was re-booting 3 times a day sometimes and we all know how long the PlayBook takes to re-boot. So since I mainly use my PlayBook in my truck (mobile office), I got an LTE wifi hotshot and gave up on Bridge all together. The speed of the bridge connection never impressed me all that much anyways.

    I am really hoping to that with the Z10, bridge will be more reliable and faster. Of course on the reliability side, I am probably dealing with a PlayBook problem, and changing the phone likely won't make any difference. What about speed. If you are connected to LTE on your Z10 and getting 15-20 Mbps speed test results on the phone, can you expect to get the same kind of results on a bridge connected PlayBook, or does the bridge connection going to restrict the speed of the PlayBook?
    02-02-13 03:46 PM
  2. sidekickkdx's Avatar
    I think with the bridge the speed is limited primarily by the bluetooth connection.
    02-02-13 05:28 PM
  3. Zirak's Avatar
    interesting.. I have the exact opposite sentiment. I have a 9900 + PB and love the bridge feature.(I work in a field service position in Canada and the US)
    I rely on it heavily and have 90% replaced my laptop. I did reboot my 9900 (using 3 keys) before Christmas and my PB gets a reboot probably once/twice a month, for some reason I have a habit of turning it off when going through customs at the airport.
    I have heard lots of comments about inconsistencies though..
    02-02-13 06:23 PM

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