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    been searching forums for a few days and i want to try hybriding my os i know the easy ones sys.browser.bar sys.clock but i cant find a full breakdown of what bars are connected to what.

    thanks and sorry if its been here before. maybe a sticky for others future reference
    03-25-14 03:15 PM
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    Let's do this.

    com.assetscience.BBVE: BB Virtual Expert.
    com.evernote: Self-explanatory.
    com.foursquare.blackberry: Self-explanatory.
    com.linkedin: Self-explanatory.
    com.rim.bb.app.adobeReader: Self-explanatory.
    com.rim.bb.app.cardholder: Cardholder, like Passbook for iOS. Doesn't seem to be worked on.
    com.rim.bb.app.facebook: Self-explanatory.
    com.rim.bb.app.retaildemoshim: Retail demo. Useless 130MB.
    com.tcs.maps: Self-explanatory.
    com.twitter: Self-explanatory.
    sys.airtunes: Music player.
    sys.android: Self-explanatory.
    sys.android.shell: Not sure what this does.
    sys.appworld: Self-explanatory.
    sys.AudioRecorder: Self-explanatory.
    sys.authentication.clixel_plugin: Picture Password.
    sys.barcode: Self-explanatory.
    sys.bb_screen_reader: Self-explanatory.
    sys.bbm: Self-explanatory.
    sys.browser: Self-explanatory.
    sys.btviewer: Bluetooth viewer.
    sys.bug_reporter_3: Doesn't seem do anything.
    sys.bugreport: Doesn't seem to do anything.
    sys.calculator: Self-explanatory.
    sys.camera: Self-explanatory.
    sys.cfs.box: Box cloud storage.
    sys.cfs.dropbox: Dropbox cloud storage.
    sys.cfs.webdav.todtm: BlackBerry Link Remote File Access.
    sys.chat: Text messaging app.
    sys.chatblend: Something about SMS and Fuse mode (later on). Pre-alpha.
    sys.clock: Self-explanatory.
    sys.compass: Self-explanatory.
    sys.data.asr: Speech recognition.
    sys.data.bluetooth: Self explanatory.
    sys.data.carrier_data: Per-carrier device configuration.
    sys.data.imf.*language*: Input languages.
    sys.data.imf.root: Keyboard.
    sys.data.nuance_vocalizer: Voice Control.
    sys.data.pbcd: BlackBerry Link + drivers. Don't delete this.
    sys.data.quip.authtokens: Appears to be authentication tokens for various carriers.
    sys.data.wallpaper: Self explanatory.
    sys.data.zoneinfo: Time zone data.
    sys.deviceswitch: Self explanatory.
    sys.dxtg.*app*: Docs to Go.
    sys.escreens: Engineering Screens.
    sys.filepicker: File Manager, as invoked from within an app.
    sys.firstlaunch: OOBE.
    sys.fuse: Intended to be a desktop dashboard for your phone. Pre-alpha, really.
    sys.games: Self-explanatory.
    sys.help: Self-explanatory.
    sys.hotspotBrowser: Internet hotspot login.
    sys.howto: Tutorials app.
    sys.installhandlerui: APK installer.
    sys.invokeTargetSelection: Share menu.
    sys.mediaplayer: Media player, as invoked from within the File Manager.
    sys.mediastreamer: Media player, as invoked from within the Browser.
    sys.miracastviewer: Self explanatory.
    sys.mmagic: Story Maker.
    sys.NFCViewer: Self explanatory.
    sys.notification_card: Hub notifications.
    sys.paymentsystem: Self explanatory.
    sys.perimeterbrowser: File manager, standalone.
    sys.phone: Self explanatory.
    sys.phone_settings: Self explanatory.
    sys.pictureeditor: Self explanatory.
    sys.pictures: Self explanatory.
    sys.picturesviewer: Picture previewer app.
    sys.pim.attachments.card: Self explanatory.
    sys.pim.calendar: Self explanatory.
    sys.pim.calendar.viewer.eventcreate: Self explanatory.
    sys.pim.calendar.viewer.ics: ICS file support (calendar format).
    sys.pim.calendar.viewer.nav: Calendar event viewer.
    sys.pim.contacts: Self explanatory.
    sys.pim.email.card: Individual emails.
    sys.pim.email.composer.card: Compose email card.
    sys.pim.messages: Hub.
    sys.pim.provider.traveler-: IBM Traveler support.
    sys.pim.remember: Self explanatory.
    sys.places.cards: Places card, invoked when dealing locations.
    sys.rcse: Joyn.
    sys.retaildemo: Another retail demo. Not sure why.
    sys.search: Self explanatory.
    sys.settings: Self explanatory.
    sys.settings.accounts: Self explanatory.
    sys.setupbuffet: Setup app.
    sys.simtoolkit_ui_app: SIM card management.
    sys.smartcalling: Smart calling (default line to dial).
    sys.smartcard: Self-explanatory.
    sys.smarttags: Smart Tags app.
    sys.socialconnect.*etc*: Allows sharing to apps via share menu.
    sys.sysmon: Device Monitor
    sys.uri.bbhub: BB Hub icon.
    sys.uri.textmessaging: Text messaging icon.
    sys.uri.youtube: Youtube icon.
    sys.video_editor: Self-explanatory.
    sys.videochat: Self-explanatory.
    sys.videoplayer: Self-explanatory.
    sys.Voice_Control: Self-explanatory.
    sys.voicemailcompose: Self-explanatory.
    sys.voicemailsetup: Self-explanatory.
    sys.weather: Self-explanatory.
    sys.wifisendcard: WiFi Direct GUI.
    sys.zbbiocm: I don't know what this does.
    03-25-14 04:09 PM
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    Sweet. Thanks this should be stickied

    Posted via CB10
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    03-25-14 04:25 PM
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    Sys.zbbiocm is:
    "Application-Description: This bar file includes the BBIO CM service.

    That's from the manifest. Pretty helpful, huh?"

    Quoted from Google search...

    Trusted Member Genius
    03-25-14 08:50 PM
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    Perfect. Four more files to deinstall when the time arises...


    SQN100-1 | STA100-3
    03-25-14 09:10 PM
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    Sys.zbbiocm is:
    "Application-Description: This bar file includes the BBIO CM service.
    That's from the manifest. Pretty helpful, huh?"
    When you dig a little deeper you can find it references the "/usr/lib/ldqnx.so.2 " path.

    If you go even deeper you find this little gem:
    <!-- BBM and Groups BAR file specification. -->

    <!-- Package version is the version number plus the build id. -->

    <!-- The build id must be an integer bewtween 0 and 2^16-1. -->

    This bar file includes the BBIO CM service.

    <author>Research In Motion Limited</author>

    <!-- ================================================== ================ -->
    <!-- ================================================== ====================

    The bbio service entry-point definition. These properties are used by

    timeout: The amount of time bslauncher will wait for your service to start.

    flags: Service flags. Usually empty, but can contain 'a' to automatically
    start the service on device startup and installation.

    path: This tells bslauncher what paths you want to be woken up on. The type
    and default permissions are in parenthesis before each path, and the
    paths are separated by colons. The possible types are 'p' for a PPS
    server object, 'f' for a resmgr file, 'd' for a resmgr directory, and
    'g' for a global resource. The paths must be relative paths; files
    and directories appear under the services directory under the app


    The non-global PPS paths appear under:


    That is, the same path as the files and directories, but under the
    /pps directory.

    Our service does not include paths.
    ================================================== ===================== -->

    <entryPoint id="bbio_cm">

    <!-- Entry properties. -->
    <entryProperty var="timeout" value="10" />
    <entryProperty var="flags" value="a" />
    <entryProperty var="path" value="(pg0660)bbio/cm" />

    <!-- System capabilities. -->
    <action system="true">_sys_run_service</action>
    <action system="true">run_native</action>
    <action system="true">hidden</action>

    <!-- Service capabilities. -->

    Care to venture deeper into the rabbithole?

    If you open up the first loadable segment you get this:
    ELF  (   4 t  4  (    4 4 4      4 4 4            ,           H H H      ` ` `   Rtd       /usr/lib/ldqnx.so.2    QNX     GNU iZbv2yV m    `
    D@m o q s t w x z { | } ^4k|vT<qX0d@|Yyk CBEkӧ_I!WSf!;` 4      +        } "               }   b      f  l     4             o  h    P    k   Q    :  %    .    A      H  F        v        V      ^   q    r  X  2  ;  y  =     a         %        H  4      h  A     V   G  :    '  v           "     O      )  
    S   T     l 
    D H  N   8 H  m       ^   $    1 H   * 
      f   # libsocket.so.3 clock_gettime strcpy pthread_create strerror snprintf __stack_chk_guard _Tolotab getpid _Ctype memcpy perror __cxa_finalize malloc sleep strtoul lseek __stack_chk_fail strtol calloc write fprintf strcat __deregister_frame_info __get_errno_ptr read strncmp strncpy realloc strtok sscanf slogf strdup fopen memset fclose strcmp sprintf _Stderr fputc stat atoi strlen strchr fputs _Jv_RegisterClasses fcntl __register_frame_info free setsockopt socketpair getsockopt connect bind socket getsockname fgets memmove libcryptoutils.so.1 getgid ppsparse strlcpy __aeabi_idiv getuid _init _fini libhuapi.so.5 __aeabi_idivmod libcpp.so.4 strftime _Locale fseek getenv libcsm.so.1 strstr msgclient_open msgclient_putget msgclient_close libc.so.3 main stricmp itoa _preinit_array fsync pthread_cancel errno pthread_detach open64 getopt strcmpi srand _fini_array strnicmp setuid devctl mkdir fchown pathconf _init_array pthread_setcanceltype strtod select setgroups _init_libc ftruncate optarg setgid atexit localtime ftell _btext __exidx_start __exidx_end __data_start _edata __bss_start __bss_start__ __bss_end__ __end__ _stack rfd_all libsocket.so.2                             "  u               *                                                                                        $  (  ,  0  4  @  D  *   )  1  7  <  A  D  G  T  W  h             $  ( 
    ,  0  4 
    J7!zDF6#hB T  A= m= m=  /] @- //dev/rpmb/BSIS_AUTHKEY update_bb_service bbio_read_pps_file get_if_type get_addr_by_if  bbio_internal: mkdir(%s) failed (%s) bbio_internal: chown(%s, %u, %u) failed (%s). rb /pps/services/ socket open error create Error binding socket any uid for now malloc $ ADDADD DELDEL DELRES cid PADDINGPADDINGPADDING GETGET GETCID bbio_internal: malloc err in make_sockaddr_gme_group() bbio_internal: malloc error in make_sockaddr_gme_group() uidtosend malloc failed uid uidindex malloc failed GETUID uidtosend malloc error UIDIDX DELXID DELIDX bbio_internal: malloc error in gme_group_get_length() GETNUM GRPRES GETPIN PINRES /pps/services/bbio/status off showing hiding /pps/system/navigator/status/bb_service bbio_internal: %s: fd is invalid /pps/system/navigator/status/bb_service?critical bbio_internal: %s: bb_service_fd is invalid bbio_internal: %s: data is NULL 0x03 connected 0x04 reconnecting bbio_internal: %s: ignoring reconnecting state bbio_internal: malloc failed bbio_internal: pps_decoder_initialize failed [n]dat bbio_internal: %s: pps_encoder_start_object failed bbio_internal: %s: pps_encoder_add_string failed bbio_internal: %s: pps_encoder_end_object failed bbio_internal: %s: write failed bbio_internal: %s: %s dots /pps/services/networking/enterprise /pps/services/networking/all /pps/services/networking/enterprise_admin /pps/services/networking /pps/services/networking/enterprise/interfaces/ /pps/services/networking/all/interfaces/ /pps/services/networking/enterprise_admin/interfaces/ /pps/services/networking/interfaces/ /pps/services/networking/enterprise/status_public /pps/services/networking/all/status_public /pps/services/networking/enterprise_admin/status_public /pps/services/networking/status_public /pps/services/networking/enterprise/proxy /pps/services/networking/all/proxy /pps/services/networking/enterprise_admin/proxy /pps/services/networking/proxy /pps/services/networking/enterprise/status_public?wait,f=default_interface+ip_ok+httpp roxy+httpproxyloginrequired /pps/services/networking/all/status_public?wait,f=default_interface+ip_ok+httpp roxy+httpproxyloginrequired /pps/services/networking/enterprise_admin/status_public?wait,f=default_interface+ip_ok+httpp roxy+httpproxyloginrequired /pps/services/networking/status_public?wait,f=default_interface+ip_ok+httpp roxy+httpproxyloginrequired bbio_internal: %s 'open' failed bbio_internal: %s read failed; buffer too small default_interface:: unknown null type bbio_internal: %s(), nomem %s%s
    /pps/services/bbio /pps/services/bbio/sb /pps/services/bbio/sb/srs bbio_internal: BBIO status exists. bbio_internal: BBIO status failed to be created! bbio_internal: BBIO status error(%s) chown(%s,%u,%u) /pps/services/bbio/hrt /pps/services/bbio/hrt/control bbio_internal: HRT control exists. bbio_internal: HRT control failed to be created! bbio_internal: HRT control error(%s) chown(%s,%u,%u) /pps/services/bbio/hrt/default bbio_internal: HRT default exists. bbio_internal: HRT default failed to be created! bbio_internal: HRT default error(%s) chown(%s,%u,%u) /pps/services/bbio/gme /pps/services/bbio/gme/status bbio_internal: GME status exists. bbio_internal: GME status failed to be created! bbio_internal: GME status error(%s) chown(%s,%u,%u) bbio_internal: get_addr(), no_iface=%p, addr=%p bbio_internal: couldn't open/read pps "%s" ip_addresses bbio_internal: couldn't find "%s" bbio_internal: %s().pps= %d , bbio_internal: %s().pps_get= %d vpn wired wifi cellular usb bluetooth_dun bb p2p Unknown Error Failure At Service Unhandled Command Bad Format Too Big Timeout Invalid Service Identifier Decryption Error Transport Blocked Invalid PIN Message Blocked Disabled Invalid Identifier General Error MFH Service Blocked show_dots cm_timer_getretrytime write_cm_conn_attempt cm_msg_loop phone_status_changed radioctrl_changed   [n]dat:json:{"bb_service":{"state":"on"}} [n]dat:json:{"bb_service":{"state":"off"}} bbio-cm: %s: bbio_open_file failed[%d, %s] bbio-cm: %s: write failed[%d, %s] bbio-cm: HRI for npc=0x%x or art=0x%x does not exist, or does not match interface bbio-cm: HRI for npc=0x%x and art=0x%x has non-matching PTE=0x%X (pte_size=%d) bbio-cm: err writing internal (%u) bbio-cm: couldn't open "%s" bbio-cm: read file "%s" wrong. bbio-cm: '%s' 'clock_gettime' error: %s bbio-cm: setting random back-off retry time (%u-%u) no enough memory allocated. bbio-cm: Closing socket ... bbio-cm: closing >> params->hri_id = 0x%x bbio-cm: closing >> connected_hri is 0x%x bbio-cm: Cleaning connected hri ... npc=0x%x bbio-cm: reset attempts: npc=0x%x, attempts=%d, session lasted %ld seconds disconnect bbio-cm: socket closed. bbio-cm: Closing previous socket ... bbio-cm: Opening socket ... [n]rcp_status::0x05 io-bb process not available bbio-cm: ... socket opened setsockopt bbio-cm: RCP_DAL[%s] setsockopt failed: %s bbio-cm: CPD kick state=%d bbio-cm: Connecting socket ... bbio-cm: ... socket connected -cm_conn_attempt bbio-cm: warning: stack reports transport not routable bbio-cm: connected >> params->hri_id = 0x%x bbio-cm: connected hri was >> connected_hri is 0x%x bbio-cm: Caching connected HRI failed bbio-cm: connected >> connected_hri is 0x%x [n]cm_conn_attempt %b %d %H:%M:%S %Y %Z timestamp Critical Error Max Attempts Reached bbio-cm: %s: encoding cm_conn_attempt failed bbio-cm: %s: bbio_write_status_pps failed bbio-cm: Connect failed with ENOTCONN or MAX_ATTEMPTS. Keep original connection bbio-cm: Connect failed with ENOTCONN. Not retrying bbio-cm: Connect failed. Retry in %us bbio-cm: Failed to create retry thread bbio-cm: Failed to detach thread show hide bbio-cm: 'cm_msg_loop' 'bbio_open_file' failed['%s',%d]: %s bbio-cm: Unable to create socket pair (%d). bbio-cm: open failed[%s] errno[%d] error[%s] /pps/services/phone/public/status?wait,delta,f=phone_active bbio-cm: the phone status pps file %s doesn't exist bbio-cm: open %s failed[%d, %s] bbio-cm: Listening to interfaces bbio-cm: Select failure. %d, %d:%s bbio-cm: main: err writing internal (%u) bbio-cm: %s: read %s failed[%d, %s] bbio-cm: %s: pps_decoder_initialize %s failed[%d] bbio-cm: %s: pps_decoder_push NULL failed[%d] bbio-cm: %s: pps_decoder_push %s failed[%d] /pps/services/cellular/radioctrl/status_public?wait,delta,f=network_service bbio-cm: the radioctrl status pps file %s doesn't exist bbio-cm: %s: pps_decoder_get_int %s failed[%d] bbio-cm: phone_active[%d], concurrent[%d], %s dots bbio-cm: error occurred and socket is connected, show the dots bbio-cm: error occurred but we're ooc, ignore bbio-cm: Read failure. %d bbio-cm: Prev iface data: if=%s, if_type=%d, if_status=%d, fib_type=%d
    bbio-cm: New iface data: if=%s, if_type=%d, if_status=%d, fib_type=%d bbio-cm: BlackBerry interface on FIB=%d ignored. bbio-cm: Restore iface data: if=%s, if_type=%d, if_status=%d, fib_type=%d bbio-cm: Ignore: new iface is of lower priority and it is not connected bbio-cm: Ignore: new iface is of lower priority and we are already connected bbio-cm: Use: new interface of lower priority is up and we do not have connected socket bbio-cm: Ignore: new interface is of higher priority and it is not connected bbio-cm: Use: new interface is of higher priority and connected bbio-cm: Ignore: new interface is of same priority while we are connected already on another interface of the same priority bbio-cm: Use: interfaces of same prio but different bbio-cm: Use: identical interfaces bbio-cm: Switching FIB: to if=%s, if_type=%d, if_status=%d, new fib_type=%d bbio-cm: Same FIB ignore the prio result=%d. bbio-cm: Same FIB iface down, check the other FIB. bbio-cm: Different FIB ignore the iface result=%d. bbio-cm: Not switching. Current state: if=%s, fib_type=%d, connect_status=%d bbio-cm: Switching to if=%s, if_type=%d, if_status=%d, fib_type=%d bbio-cm: Ignore iface data, since iface is not active: if=%s, if_type=%d, if_status=%d, fib_type=%d bbio-cm: Ignore identical iface data: if=%s, if_type=%d, if_status=%d, fib_type=%d, prev iface=%s, prev_if_type=%d, prev_if_status=%d, prev_fib_type=%d bbio-cm: Ignore iface data: if=%s, if_type=%d, if_status=%d, fib_type=%d bbio-cm: failed to initialize pps decoder bbio-cm: http proxy login required but can't open proxy pps bbio-cm: failed to initialize proxy pps decoder httpproxylogin bbio-cm: http proxy login required but no credentials available bbio-cm: New default interface %s on fib=%d [n]rcp_disconnect_reason::0x03 interface change bbio-cm: No interface available. Waiting for event... bbio-cm: Connection properties restored iface[%s] HRI[%d] bbio-cm: Connection for %s was not found bbio-cm: NEW INTERFACE WiFi[0x%x] Cell[0x%x] bbio-cm: new interface >> connected_hri is 0x%x bbio-cm: HRI is not available for if=%d, fib=%d, npc=0x%x. Waiting for HRI change... bbio-cm: Using HRI for if=%d, fib=%d, npc=0x%x. bbio-cm: Will connect using interface %s bbio-cm: Read HRT PPS failed bbio-cm: HRT File deleted bbio-cm: Exiting CM because HRT file cannot be reopened!! [n]cm_status::Exited. Creating/opening HRT PPS failed! bbio-cm: Opening DRP control failed[%d,%s]. Register now will not be triggered. REGISTER_NOW::1 bbio-cm: ooc and socket is connected npc=0x%x, hide dots bbio-cm: not ooc, phone_active[%d], concurrent[%d], %s dots bbio-cm: not ooc and socket is connected npc=0x%x, show dots bbio-cm: HRT CHANGED WiFi[0x%x] Cell[0x%x] bbio-cm: HRT changed >> connected_hri is 0x%x bbio-cm: HRI is not available for npc=0x%x, waiting for HRT change... bbio-cm: Routing for HRI npc=0x%x is different from currently connected HRI npc=0x%x, disconnect... bbio-cm: Routing for HRI npc=0x%x equals currently connected HRI npc=0x%x... bbio-cm: Connected HRI npc=0x%x is not in HRT, disconnect... bbio-cm: No HRI for npc=0x%x. Keep current connection... bbio-cm: HRI changed. Disconnecting the active socket... on npc=0x%x. [n]rcp_disconnect_reason::0x02 HRT or HRI change bbio-cm: Waiting for active interface... bbio-cm: Cancelling backoff... failed to get so_error, %s bbio-cm: Disconnecting socket... [n]rcp_disconnect_reason::0x01 disconnect success bbio-cm: Socket disconnected, hide dots bbio-cm: HRI is not available for npc=0x%x after disconnect, waiting for HRT change... bbio-cm: Detected disconnection. Retry in %us, attempts=%d, session duration =%ld seconds failed to get so_error for original connection, %s bbio-cm: Sockets cleaned. Hide dots bbio-cm: Sockets cleaned. bbio-cm: Original connection disconnected, kicking RCP after max attempts on current interface[%s]. bbio-cm: bbio-cm [-acivUs]
    -a address bind to address (mutually exclusive with -i)
    -c skip certificate check
    -v debug mode
    -s enable SSL debug callbacks in RCP
    -U user:group set UID/GID permissions
    bbio-cm: Invalid user/group spec [%s], result=%d a:c:vU:W:s get_supported_rats calculateNPC getUICCInfo calculateTrueHomeNPC /pps/system/nvram/deviceinfo %s Failed to open %s %s Failed to read %s '%s Failed to push onto decoder CDMA HSPAplus LTE '%s malloc failed Failed to read "%s" because its size is greater than %i bytes. '%s Failed to initialize pps_decoder active_npc /pps/services/cellular/uicc/card0/status_private /pps/services/uicc/card0/status_private %s, malloc=%d imsi_hplmn uicc_state READY /pps/services/cellular/uicc/card0/status_restricted Couldn't open '%s': %s
    Failed to read '%s'[%d,%d]: %s imsi /pps/services/carriermanager/status_private true_home_carrier mcc mnc _open_hrt_var_file stringify_dal unstringify_dal HostRoutingInfo_stringify HostRoutingTable_create HostRoutingInfo_copy_dal HostRoutingInfo_copy HostRoutingTable_get_hri_shallow HostRoutingTable_attach_hri HostRoutingTable_convertToPrimaryHri HostRoutingTable_get_hri HostRoutingTable_find_hri _decode_hri_json HostRoutingInfo_clone HostRoutingTable_delete HostRoutingTable_save _write_to_hrt_file HostRoutingTable_read dal_equal HostRoutingInfo_connection_equal write /var/bbio/hrt/default '%s' 'fcntl'(%s) failed[%d]: %s 'stringify_dal' 'malloc' failed: %s '%s' dal contains a NULL domain '%s' 'snprintf' failed adding ',' to '%s' : %s '%s' 'snprintf' failed adding '%s' to '%s' : %s :%u '%s' 'snprintf' failed adding ':%u' to '%s' : %s 'stringify_dal' 'realloc' failed: %s 'unstringify_dal' 'malloc' failed: %s 'unstringify_dal' 'strdup' failed: %s '%s' 'malloc' failed: %s '%s' domain is missing '%s' dst_port is missing 'HostRoutingInfo_set_dal' hri is NULL 'HostRoutingInfo_set_dal' 'strtol' failed on dst_port conversion['%s']: %s 'HostRoutingInfo_set_dal' dst_port out of range[%d] 'HostRoutingInfo_set_dal' 'strtol' failed on src_port conversion['%s']: %s 'HostRoutingInfo_set_dal' src_port out of range[%d] HRI_0x%08X '%s' 'snprintf' failed['%s']: %s '%s' 'pps_encoder_start_object' failed['%s', %d]: %s network_name '%s' 'pps_encoder_add_string' failed['%s', %d]: %s 0x%02X art primary_npc pte dal '%s' 'pps_encoder_end_object' failed[%d]: %s '%s' 'strdup' failed: %s '%s' 'malloc' returned NULL: %s '%s' invalid parameter(s): 0x%X '%s'(dst_hri=%p , src_hri=%p) error: parameter NULL '%s' strdup failed: %s '%s' does not allow duplicates: npc=0x%08X art=0x%08X '%s' 'realloc' failed: %s '%s' could not find primary HRI: 0x%X '%s' 'HostRoutingInfo_set_dal' failed[0x%X]: %s:%d:%d '%s' failed while copying the network name[0x%X]: %s '%s' 'HostRoutingTable_convertToPrimaryHri' failed: npc=0x%X art=0x%08X '%s' invalid parameter npc: 0x%X '%s' 'open' failed[%d]: %s '%s' 'pps_decoder_initialize' failed[%d]: %s '%s' 'HostRoutingInfo_create' failed: %s '%s' 'malloc' 'buf' failed: %s '%s' 'read' failed: %s '%s' 'pps_decoder_parse_pps_str' failed[%d]: %s '%s' HRT File has unknown attr type: %d HRI_0x '%s' HRT File has unknown attr: %s HRI_0x%X '%s' could not get npc: %s '%s' 'snprintf' failed[%d]: %s '%s' 'pps_decoder_push'( NULL ) failed[%d]: %s '%s' 'pps_decoder_get_string' '%s'[%d]: %s '%s' 'pps_decoder_get_string' '%s' not found '%s' has no DALs or primary NPC '%s' art mismatch: 0x%X vs 0x%X '%s' No HRIs processed in the last read[%d] '%s' 'realloc' 'buf' failed: %s '%s' 'lseek' 2 failed[%d,%d]: %s '%s' found cloned HRI: 0x%X, 0x%X HostRoutingTable_delete 'bbio_open_file' failed[%s,%d]: %s %s' 'write' failed[f='%s',len=%d,ret=%d,strerror='%s'] num_hris::1
    '%s' 'bbio_open_file' failed[%s,%d]: %s '%s' 'HostRoutingTable_get_hri_shallow' failed: %d '%s' 'prim_hri_dal_str' is null: %d, %d '%s' 'pps_encoder_buffer' is NULL: %s '%s' 'write' failed[%d,%d]: %s %s::%u
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    PIN:: rcp_status 0x03 0x04 bootmetrics.sys cmd /proc/%u/as BMETRICS_NAME %.20s_%.12s_init_done UNDEF[0x%X]_%.12s_init_done %.20s_ready UNDEF[0x%X]_ready
    It's a service that runs in the background that's necessary for BBM and BBM Groups to work. It basically handles the connections. I'd say leave it.
    07-02-14 08:09 AM
  7. moody's Avatar
    Awesome! Thanks
    07-11-14 10:16 PM

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