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    Have a problem. On my second z10 I was running I reverted back to AT&T release and noticed my ear piece sounded busted. Having had a faulty first phone I got a replacement. Ear piece was clear again. On this phone I was using and after the official release dropped I reverted back to AT&T Release to await the update so that hopefully my apps from 10.1 would work on 10.2. Same thing has happened again. Ear piece sounds busted. So bad that most calls can't be understood. AT&T has sent a replacement but would rather know if there's a way to fix it myself rather than have to start over on phone #4. Suggestions?

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    11-02-13 09:01 AM
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    There are a few other threads on this subject. I and a few others have had this issue, some more than once.

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    11-02-13 09:22 AM
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    It might be software issue did you try going back to a different os after to see if it was fixed

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    11-02-13 09:58 AM
  4. Fangstien's Avatar
    Yes. I went all the way back to 10.0.09 and updated again. Also I did do the security wipe after each.

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    11-02-13 02:02 PM

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