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    I am at a loss and can only laugh at how BB10 handles incoming phone calls and notifications on bluetooth and wired headsets.

    On the one hand you have bluetooth headset that will not give you the audible notifications from your phone but will ring so that you can answer a call.

    On the other hand you have the wired headset that will give you audible notifications but if you get a phone call and are listening to music the or media the sound just cuts out and you end up wondering what's going on. Did I accidentally pause the song or was it done, did the app crash? (not likely a crash on BB10). When I took one of the earbuds out I could hear my phone ringing and thought what the!!???

    How did BlackBerry come up with these protocols and who is the imbecile that had the idea ? Lol. This is stupid and ridiculous that you can't change a setting to allow or disallow. Hoping for some changes in these two areas in some future update but not holding my breath.

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