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    GM seems to have switched the software developer between the 2017 and 2018 models. On the 2017 Equinox and GMC Terrain, I can pair my 10.3.3 device (Classic and Passport SE) to the car, get access to all contacts and SMS, and fully initiate car mode (wheel shown on lock screen). This allows the hands free voice dialing to work flawlessly.

    On the 2018 Equinox (7" screen version, not the full colour with SMS 8" model infotainment centre), I enable rSIM mode so the contacts will list. However, after pairing and granting full access to the contacts and SMS, car mode does not initiate. This the causes the handsfree button to dial last caller. I have tried it on a new Buick Encore, car mode initiates without any issues. I have not tried it on a 2018 Terrain.

    I have tried deleting and adding the device several times, same thing happens.

    Anyone else with the same experience? Or has someone gotten this to work?

    I received a survey from GM asking for issues with the car; Suprisingly, Blackberry 10 was in the list of devices in the survey. I filled it out with the issues but no word back yet.

    Posted via CB10
    12-11-17 03:18 PM
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    My 2017 Volt works flawlessly with my Passport and KEYone. Hmmm... have you tried resetting the Equinox radio completely. Like a full reset in the settings menu and make sure no other bluetooh devices have been installed, then try again? That worked on my 2015 Chrysler radio. I know different systems but deleting all stored Bluetooth devices off the radio, a factory reset of the car radio and deleting all Bluetooth devices on phone as well worked for me. Hopefully the same for you too!
    12-12-17 10:00 PM

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