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    I've always found BlueAnt Bluetooth devices to be of excellent quality, have excellent features, and their customer service is second to none (unfortunately I've had to use it a few times as it seems I am a little rough with extremely heavy use of my earpiece). The only problem I've ever had was when I switched to my 9900 last year, my BlueAnt S4 visor mount handsfree device just hasn't been able to play nice with the Bold.

    Here is a copy of the note I sent upon receiving their marketing email for one of their new products, the visor mount handsfree device the "Commute". I also like their new earpiece, the "Q3". Q10+Q3+Commute = Ready " . . . to ROCK and ROLL THIS!"

    Sirs, I have been a long time user and lover of BlueAnt (currently Q2 (have had it replaced a few times and it is broken again - plastic seems to break at the same place) and S4 although it seems the S4 doesn't work properly with my BlackBerry 9900). Your customer service/returns RMA have been among the best support I have received from ANY manufacturer!

    I am looking forward to the new BB10 phones that had their global launch a couple of days ago, specifically the all touch Q10. Available in the UK as of yesterday, Canada as of 5 Feb, and in the U.S. in mid-late March, and globally on a varying schedule.

    Will BlueAnt be supporting the same features for the new BlackBerry OS as you are supporting for apple and android on your new Q3s and the Commute?


    On the Q3 - I am assuming the Q3 will work as it always has in the past as far as access to phone voice controls for (1)outgoing calls/Vlingo commands, (2)importing phonebook for caller ID announcement, (3) answer/ignore voice command(4)music, etc. (5)But will the BBs be supported on the new "conference mode"?

    On the Commute - Assuming the past features that worked on BlackBerry will still be there (6) Blue Ant Speak to me - Launch Voice Control to access BB phone commands (7) read out callers name via imported phone book (8) answer/ignore voice command, (9) music playback.

    Will you be planning for a BB10 app that allows readback of incoming SMS/email/possibly BBMs for the Commute visor mount device? The developer support from RIM is a top priority for them as one of the recognized keys to the successful rebirth/return to glory that we hope is around the corner. I am confident Alec Saunders (@asaunders) or Martyn Mallick with BlackBerry would provide whatever support is need for BlueAnt to access the appropriate APIs/programming assistance. I know MANY MANY MANY BlackBerry users who have been loyal BlueAnt users and would hope to continue using your great products!!!!

    P.S. - Please consider coming to the CrackBerry.com website, establishing an account and create a poll asking for some input on how many folks want you to be with us on the new BB10 OS - lots of companies have a presence there (Incipio, Seidio, OtterBox, other major accessory players, large/medium/small developers, etc) and as you likely know, CrackBerry is THE premier and original BB user/fan site and reaches every corner of the globe with millions of members and visitors (it's where I first heard about BlueAnt by the way!!)
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