10-24-15 01:35 PM
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    You can open 3 or 4 copies of WhatsApp or BBM to chat & share things with different people at the same time.

    An example is ;

    1. Open WhatsApp in the hub to chat with A
    2. Open WhatsApp app to chat with B simultaneously
    3. Share a picture in picture app via WhatsApp with C & at the same time chat with C, B & A
    5. Take a Selfie at the same features & share it with D whilst still chatting with D, C, B & A
    6. If you are using BBM instead of WhatsApp you can also share a file at the same time & chat with E too.

    apparently this feature is not available on Android nor iOS.

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    WhatsApp.....dataming devil.

    "I don't think that word means what you think it means."
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    10-24-15 01:35 PM
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