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    A few recent complaints I have and wanted to check if encountered by others as well:

    1. a bit of a headache to get Blend working on my laptop after upgrading to Windows 10 - given that the Blend desktop client doesn't notify you if there's a new version available I went to the BlackBerry website and downloaded what appears a June release (Blend, Client Installed, restarted, click Blend icon nothing happens. Uninstalled, reinstalled, restarted, all of this a couple of time and finally got it to work. ..

    2. BBM from Blend - chat messages show as 'read' while on my Passport I see that they are not even delivered (tested that with making sure the other party is not connected)

    3. making calendar entries from Blend - this seems a design issue - when I'm into the scroll wheels for selecting day/time scrolling with my mouse skips days, e.g. Nov 9,11,13...same with the hours...quite annoying. I have to go with my mouse to the greyed rows above and below the active row, the date there changes to an up/down arrow and select desired entry like that...Bad design or what?

    4. calendar 'month' view - this is minor but again not a smooth experience - I can't select a day from this view to create an entry - clicking on an empty day does nothing, instead I have to left click and select 'add event' or just hit the "+ Add" in the top right corner.

    5. wishlist - I know 3rd party apps in Blend (e.g. Whatsapp) will take some time because of technical issus that need to be ironed out but why not have all the native BlackBerry apps that come preinstalled on the device available for Blend? Namely i'd make a lot of use from having Remember there!

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    11-09-15 02:28 AM

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