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    Listen, personally, I don't care if my phone's any more secure than Android or iOS; I'm just using it to talk with friends. Because of this, I really couldn't care less about all the posts CrackBerry's making about how non-secure Blackphone is, and how easily it was rooted. But, that said, know that you ('you' being CB and those who are blindly agreeing) just seem silly when you continue reporting and reporting on the Blackphone being rooted yet fail to even acknowledge that the man you're reporting about called you idiots. The quote in full:
    Hey BlackBerry idiots, stop miss quoting me on your blogs. Your phone is only "secure" because it has few users and little value as a target
    I mean, there are thousands upon thousands of posts on these forums, yet a search for even one tiny reference to this very, very relevant quote brings up zero. I'm not for or against anyone or anything, not taking sides, but just know that you're looking foolish.
    08-14-14 01:14 AM
  2. BlackBerry Guy's Avatar
    This is already being discussed in another Blackphone thread.
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    08-14-14 01:24 AM

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