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    One of my customers is unable to download the latest update for my app from BlackBerry World and gets the following error "Not available for this device".

    I've been trying to troubleshoot this problem for quite a bit now and after he refreshed the BlackBerry world, the whole app disappeared from the store.

    He seems to be the only one that is unable to download to latest update and I can't figure out why. Many people with the same device have downloaded the same update without any problems.

    Could anyone help me out please? I'm running out of ideas

    Thanks in advance.


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    04-05-15 02:49 AM
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    I just noticed there is a "get help & give help!" forum. My excuses for posting this in the wrong section. Could a moderator please move this to the correct forum? Thank you very much

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    04-05-15 02:52 AM
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    Problem solved, customer is on holiday in a country where my app isn't available.

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    04-05-15 04:54 AM

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