02-09-18 06:46 PM
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    It's why I don't trust BBMo and their "we are happy", be we can't really tell you any real numbers. BlackBerry's history is full of say one thing, while knowing in their heart (and pocket book) it wasn't possible. Even Chen did it, and I respect him much more the Mike, Jim or Thor. You simply can't tell the truth if it's bad news, as it will only make things worse.
    I discount any comments made by business leaders other than hard facts communicated directly to shareholders where there is legal accountability. It's not that most executives lie intentionally, but they regularly make optimistic forward-looking statements based on what they plan to do. I simply discounts those.

    Luckily, I don't feel the need to evaluate the future prospects of a company beyond the period of their legal obligations to me. For BlackBerry Mobile, their obligation is to warranty their hardware for one year. That's the only thing they agreed to in writing what I bought my KEYone.

    They have also publicly committed to Oreo and two years of patches, but I only have that from public comments, which are not legally binding. (They could be held liable in some jurisdictions for false advertising if they don't deliver on those promises, but that wouldn't make them comply, just cost them a fine.)

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    02-08-18 03:59 PM
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    People demand better all the time, but when better comes out, nobody buys it. Because cell phones have already now crossed the taboo $1000 barrier, but that's still cheaper and far more ergonomic than having to tote around a flip phone, high-end DAC, portable gaming system, laptop, and Kindle in a box all the time. Instead we have One device to rule them all...

    When someone really wants one item in your list to be the best experience they will buy that specific item. But having a phone that has such a broad spectrum of uses really is a plus. And there's no substitute for those impromptu moments when you would otherwise smack your forehead and wished you had brought x with you.

    A phone that met all your criteria would run between $2000 and $3000, possibly more. Maybe you would buy it. Maybe 10 or 15 other people would too. But no manufacturer is going to take the risk because they all know it will fail miserably. Phones have been boring for years. All we get are incremental spec bumps and not insignificant price increases. But the next great thing hasn't been invented yet so we slog along with it.

    I don't even know how yet another BB10 whine thread got derailed this far anyway. Everybody claims there were no choices but you look in the graveyard and you have around half a dozen dead and buried OS'es and others like Sailfish or Tizen with a foot on the banana peel.
    Laptop. Indeed. My wife, my brother and I stopped carrying our laptops around when we got our Passports. Which has not changed since. Bliss.
    02-09-18 06:46 PM
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