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    I loaded a new OS on my Z3 and unloaded the device on eBay. Two weeks after purchase the buyer complained to eBay that the device was "too HOT to hold in his hand comfortably" and the screen had pixel damage. All untrue.

    Long story short, the Purchaser won the case. I got stiffed for shipping both ways and the device was returned beaten up by the purchaser. I'm pissed.

    Incidentally, the Leap was rumored to be launched after he placed his bid.

    Now, I want to unload my Z10s without the fear some buyer will pull the same crap!

    All passed the virtual Expert tests. The hope is the log files could give me some leverage if a future buyer complains that I sold a future device.

    Other than recording the BBVE session, or developing a bullet proof auction listing:

    How can I capture the log files the BBVE generates? I know it goes somewhere, but I don't know where.

    Is there a BBVE bar file I can transfer to the device with placing my BBID on the newly wiped device?


    So you know, the old camera function (touch anywhere to take a photo) is alive and well in the BBVE! I missed that function so much!

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    05-23-15 03:57 PM
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    That's a good question. I too would like to know the answer, just in case that happens to me.

    Could always take a screen shot I guess, but log files would be better

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    05-24-15 09:51 AM

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