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    I don't recall seeing some of these pictures, so please forgive any cross posting. Great image of the keyboard in this link:

    Leaked BlackBerry ?Venice? photos show Android-powered QWERTY slider in the flesh | 9to5Google

    This one in particular shows a nice section of mixed BlackBerry / Android apps and features:


    This one just a good few hardware and screen shots:


    Not venturing any opinions on it being real, fake or otherwise; just sharing the info.

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    08-29-15 08:08 AM
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    You can also find them on the CrackBerry main page.

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    08-29-15 08:13 AM
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    Cross post, and your user ID just reminded me to take my Animal Omega and Animal Flex stack, so it wasn't a dead loss!

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    08-29-15 08:16 AM

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