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    So I was in leeds going to freshers fair for uni and there was a blackberry van and stand demoing the phones! I went along to see what was happening and told him I have a z10 and the person was full of praises! Anyway I entered the competition to win a q5 and had a Lil chin wag about the new z30 and the up coming 10.2, at the end he gave me a blackberry laptop cover which looks awesome and a pen for free! If u see a van defo go along bag ya self some freebies!

    BlackBerry van spotted!-img_00001263.jpg
    BlackBerry van spotted!-img_00001269.jpg

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    09-19-13 02:48 PM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    Lucky you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I would kill for a BB pen!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm serious! I'm such a pen freak!!!
    Congrats man!!!
    09-19-13 03:01 PM

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