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  1. SeeBeeEss's Avatar
    Blackberry Usability or User Ability?
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    04-28-15 08:33 AM
  2. redlightblinking's Avatar
    Before we go any further, what device and OS are we talking about here?
    He mentioned Z30 on Verizon, which may be 10.2 since Verizon hasn't pushed 10.3. That may explain his hub triage issues. I've already forgotten what the hub looked like in 10.2.
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    04-28-15 08:43 AM
  3. awindsr's Avatar
    Long press on any date to batch delete all before that date.

    Did you realize that when you exit an email, for instance, by either pressing the "back " button (lower left corner) ,or by simply throwing the screen to the right ; you can immediately tap the left side of the message to re engage it as unread?
    -Look at the Rogers email-
    As well as instantly delete or file.

    If your hub accounts are set to conversation, you can reap other benefits.
    Ex: my Google alerts
    I'm in the hub ; select my account where they are located ; tap my Google alerts "conversation "; start reading one and decide to go back to the root hub to select some other account. I hit the back button(or throw the screen to the right ) 3 times to return to the root. Not very efficient. But did you realize that by pressing, holding down and pulling right, you will enter the root in 1 motion using the "back "button. This applies all over the OS in the hub and other areas.
    This is a discoverable OS and you need to play with it to find things. Press and hold on everything; tap, hold and drag,swipe down, play around and "discover "things you didn't realize were there .

    The issue with a name : spell it correctly a few times and it should adjust. Or clear your learned words. Program your virtual keyboard shortcuts. Ex: name ,places, strange acronyms, phrases :
    Out of the box

    Attachment 349945

    Attachment 349946

    Keep the send button up top, and it should be obvious why.

    Use the app called empty icon to allow preferred gaps on your app pages.

    Use this for separate mail icons.

    Blackberry Usability-img_20150428_112432.png

    Blackberry Usability-img_20150428_112552.png

    you have an amazing keyboard for one handed operations. The word flicking is genius, especially one handed.
    After using this keyboard alone, I have zero interest in Apples attempt. Android does better than Apple and I have no experience with Microsoft.

    Are you fully aware of all the convenience features that the BlackBerry virtual offers?
    Raising and lowering the keyboard with two fingers, or one with a long press of the space bar , second characters select by swiping down once or twice , dictation using the microphone (period key),holding down the shift key to rapidly select text for copy / paste / delete, shift and delete together to delete to the right.

    For someone who sounds clever with technology, it seems you have more to take advantage of on the Z30 than you seem to realize.

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    Attachment 349973
    Attachment 349974

    Attachment 349975
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  4. awindsr's Avatar
    Batch delete picture and the "Rogers " ,and the "out of the box "reference shot didn't post where intended.
    Their are the bottom two shots
    My post is based on OS 10.3
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    04-28-15 09:54 AM
  5. fadmin's Avatar
    Okay. I am sure I am not the expert. Completely agree. But, when managing 5+ email accounts, multiple social media accounts, hundreds of text streams, and a corporate connection the HUB becomes a cluttered mess. The only way to make it usable is to basically disable the hub and drop into each account separately.

    Now on other platforms, my home screen had a separate icon for each account. In 1 second I could assess what needed to be done.

    So, how would you setup the hub to manage this many streams and effectively do so with the minimal taps/actions?

    Posted via CB10
    Interestingly enough, whatever you say is exactly what I hate in android for example. So you'd rather open each account separately? If BB removes hub I'd leave... I don't care about apps as much and I keep going back to BB10 because of simplicity of using hub...The only thing you did not mention is that you wish BB10 is replaced by windows or android platform...
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    04-28-15 09:56 AM
  6. roll2tide's Avatar
    I'm no expert and won't bother arguing the platforms with you. Hope any of this info helps. I didn't read the entire thread, sorry if I'm being redundant.

    Having been recently forced onto BB by corporate edict, I find myself longing for any other platform. But as it stands, I would like to vent and hopefully improve BB to the point of being a usable platform. I know the likelihood of the developers reading this are small, but none the less...

    1) Make the "quick launch" bar customizeable. Users should be able to put their primary apps on the quick launch area, not be forced to use Phone, Search, Camera.

    I concede this. It would be nice if this was customizable.

    2) Selecting multiple emails and deleting should take no more than 2 taps (see Windows Phone).

    Deleting 5 emails took me 8 taps. This could be trimmed by a tap or 2 but it isn't cumbersome. 1 press & hold, 1 tap to select more, 4 taps to select emails 2-5, 1 tap at lower right to open side menu, and 1 tap to delete. It is also possible to do this in 6 taps, though. By using the quick action button at the top right you can open the side options (right side of email list) where every email has an option to flag or delete (the 2 options are customizable) and you can quickly hit delete for each one. The 1st time you do this you have to choose to delete only from hub or from hub or server but you can select "Don't ask this again" and avoid that step in the future. It might not be how your accustomed to it but 5 emails in 6 taps is efficient.

    3) Keep controls together. Having the email send at the tope is pure stupidity.

    No matter how long my email is the "Send" button is always on the screen. Not sure what this complaint is about.

    4) Get rid of Hub. It clutters communications. If you separate them out, then the Hub no longer functional.

    Hub>Settings (from bottom right action menu)Hub Management. You can select to show in Hub Only, Separate account only, or both. Your hub is customizable.

    5) Make BBM uninstallable or closeable. Some of us don't use and would like the memory back.

    I don't use BBM or even have any BBM contacts and as I sit here watching Device Monitor BBM is "idle" most of the time and occasionally changes to 0.03% CPU use for about 3/4 of a second. This just isn't a significant battery/CPU drain.

    6) Simplify menus. Too many different places and ways to get at settings, options, etc.

    Menus are pretty simple to me. Often used settings can be added/removed from the quick settings menu that is pulled down from the top. Menus are accessible from multiple places but you do not have to go to multiple places to access settings, if that makes sense.

    7) Limit gestures. A simple home button would be much more efficient.

    Flick up. Done.

    8) Get back to what made Blackberry's valuable - operation with one hand and one thumb. Used to be able send entire messages without looking at the phone.

    I have a Z10. I type with one hand 90% of the time.

    9) Workspaces is nice idea, but there should only be one interface. Switching between the 2 is tiresome. I am spending more time switching than actually working. Just give me a personal and work icon and I will click the one I need.

    Not familiar with it so I can't offer anything.

    10) Text input box is ridiculously small.


    11) Text message threading is horrible. Again see Windows Phone, Android, or even iPhone.

    Mine looks very similar to my wifes' Samsung Note 3. It's not exactly like hers, but the format appears the same.

    12) All words in a persons contact list should automatically be added to the dictionary. Don't tell me I am spelling my child's name wrong.

    Add it to the dictionary once. Done.

    13) When I "X" out of an app, close it. I hate going into Device Monitor and finding the app eating up resources in the background.

    I haven't reset/restarted/powered off my phone in days. They are all in "idle" status using no memory/CPU.

    14) Allow Hub to be disabled.

    Set all of your accounts to display in local folder only.

    15) The search shortcut on the quick launch needs to include options for all resources - web, navigation, etc. I am searching, search.

    Agree it should return options for all but if you hit Search and then type on the screen you can scroll down and select to search using Browser.

    16) When I search the web, search local first. I searched for Lowe's today, my primary results were 800 miles away. Sad...

    Hit search and pull down from top. Tap settings. This is fairly customizable for you how you want search to function. More specific search requests more input from you, of course.

    17) Let me place icons wherever I please. Quit auto arranging. I may want that space there.

    I use folders for this. I know what your saying based on my wifes Note 3. I also know that her icons constantly duplicate and get arranged without her moving them. The Android way isn't perfect, either. Folders work really well. Just drop 1 icon on top of another to get started.

    It is great to have a secure and possibly powerful platform, but the pain of using it has driven many away. If I had any other choice, I would be gone as well. Go use a Windows Phone and see how smooth and effortless managing communications is. Go use an android and see how you can tailor it your way. Go use an iPhone and see its simplicity (and limitations). Blackberry can be good once more, but it has to not give people migraines in its operation.
    Hope it helps. Every device/OS has it's flaws. BB OS10 really has some nice features if you embrace it and give it an honest try. I, or anyone most likely, would be willing to post screenshots if you have difficulty finding specific options.
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    04-28-15 10:07 AM
  7. skstrials's Avatar
    After using BlackBerry 10, I would never buy another phone with a home button.

    Here is why

    1. The peek and close function
    = in BlackBerry 10 if you wanted to quickly check the time, you simply swipe up and back down to check and turn off the screen again. In any phone with a home button, you would have to push the home button to check time, then press a separate lock button to turn off the screen again.

    2. Moving fingers back to screen
    = when you go back to the home screen, you would naturally have to touch on some icon to move the next app right? With the swipe up feature, your finger naturally moves to the center of the screen so that you can engage with the phone screen. With a home button, you would have to move your finger up to the phone screen anyways.

    3. Low precision needed for swipe up gestures
    = if you look at any home button phones, the button is tiny. You would have aim specifically for the button with your finger. Over time, it would get easier, but it will never be as easy as simply swiping up from to bottom bezel.

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    04-28-15 10:18 AM
  8. AfterSuperphone's Avatar
    I know what you're saying. I spent 2 painful weeks with Samsung GS5 and I almost stomped on it. Finally decided to sell it and go back to Z30. I missed the gestures (all of them) and the Hub.
    04-28-15 11:20 AM
  9. fadmin's Avatar
    Umm, it was much easier on WP and the fact that Blackberry was in financial risk and is at the bottom of the market share means people are voting with their wallets. Blackberry needs to work toward being able to hand the device to someone completely unfamiliar and them find it usable within 1 hour. There can be many advance capabilities which they discover with time, but core functionality should be that simple and direct.
    Well don't think WP is in much better position then BB when it comes to a mobile market share to state something like that. BB has 2% and WP 3.5!? They both suck... and if they don't have huge MS ecosystem that ties WP with it, probably noone would care about WP.
    04-28-15 11:30 AM
  10. mh1983's Avatar
    Thank you for the feedback. However, extended search is not showing web searches. Also, when I open maps from a search term, it only shows a blank page.
    Do you have location enabled?
    04-28-15 11:32 AM
  11. Stevendon's Avatar
    One of my previous phones was a HTC running win 6 and I loved it. It's interface was very similar to my pc which I loved.
    The phone's battery was on its way out and I was due for a new phone, and was offered a BlackBerry Torch. It was different, but after learning how it worked I found I loved it as much as the windows phone.
    One feature I loved most was I had unlimited data as the data went through the BlackBerry servers rather than my provider.

    Battery was getting tired and I tried an aftermarket big battery which lasted much longer, but had to be registered using an original battery for it to work, and that was every time I restarted etc.

    I was then offered an upgrade to my current phone, a Z10 which after I learnt how to use I found its the best phone by far. Sure there's some loved features lost, but many more gained.
    I particularly dislike the loss of the free data as it no longer uses BlackBerry servers, and now I have to be on a data plan. It's much faster this way though.

    The hub in my books once I got used to it I love it. Every form of communication is right there and easy to find. The 10.3 update added the option for 2 options on the right side and hidable. By default one is delete.
    There's another way of deleting if you pay attention, but have a short time. When exiting from an email, a Facebook comment etc, there's a delete key visible for a few seconds. A nifty idea.

    I'm not sure what phone you're using as on the Z10 there's no quick launch menu.

    The latest update has some impressive improvements, and each update is better.
    I love being able to install most android apps as it opens up a world of possibilities, but native is still best.

    I've had a play with a Samsung s5 and I honestly hated it, but it too can't be used with just one thumb thanks to its bigger size.
    I can use one thumb on my Z10 most of the time, but both thumbs is faster and better.
    I also love the predictive words as many times I can start with one word and can almost flick up a whole paragraph. It learns our writing styles and is pretty accurate.

    What I also love is it is very customisable and allows me to move app icons around and even into folders. Folders are great for those apps that are needed, but never used, so hidden in a folder keeps them hidden.

    I think some features need some improvements, some are very powerful, but settings need tweaking to make them better.
    I hate the new calendar, it looks like a child's calendar now. Prior to the update it was far better. I do think it needs some improvements to make it better. My old win6 phone had a better calendar, especially with an app I had which made it awesome with many features I would have thought BlackBerry would have had, especially considering many of those features are business orientated, such as categories, colour coding, sub categories, customisable icons and so much more.

    At the end of the day it's each to their own and if something makes you happy, then it's best for you.

    It reminds me of our new car which is a great example.
    I'm from Australia and we drive on the left hand side.
    My car is a local brand which is a part of GM. It's a luxury version called a Statesman. The indicators are on the right side of the steering column and is like that for all Australian cars. Wipers are on the left of the steering column.
    We recently bought a VW Maxi van which has been converted for wheelchair access. We love the car, but when driving the car at first every time we indicated to turn the wipers came on, and when it rained, we would turn the indicators on lol.
    Being an import the steering column was moved across to the other side rather than the controls swapped around too.
    If course after driving the VW and going back to the other car, we also get the wrong controls as we'd used to them being on the wrong side.

    Like all things, we get used to things being a certain way, and anything different feels wrong, and we need to acclimatise before we can feel comfortable with the new way.

    I agree improvement is still needed in some areas, but some are already there and just need to be found.

    Sure the delete column takes up space, but it can be hidden until needed.
    What I do is read what I need to, then show the delete column and delete all I want in the one go.
    Or I click the 3 dots and click select, then select all I want and delete from there. Or mark read or unread etc...

    Posted via CB10 on my ‎ BlackBerry Z10 ‎
    04-28-15 11:58 AM
  12. diegonei's Avatar
    He mentioned Z30 on Verizon, which may be 10.2 since Verizon hasn't pushed 10.3. That may explain his hub triage issues. I've already forgotten what the hub looked like in 10.2.
    Ahhh, that makes sense. Thanks I missed it.

    So Op, long story short, update your device and you'll see most issues are solved.
    04-28-15 12:35 PM
  13. ssbtech's Avatar
    So Op, long story short, update your device and you'll see most issues are solved.
    But familiarize yourself with the bugs/changes first. Not all change is good. I immediately went back to 10.2 from 10.3 after a few discoveries.
    04-28-15 12:46 PM
  14. BBMBaller's Avatar
    My main gripe with BB 10 is that I wish that apps just listed out in alphabetical order... My menu of apps is a freaking cluster and I am just so used to alphabetical order in Android after all these years... Other than that... I love being back with BlackBerry
    04-28-15 04:42 PM
  15. diegonei's Avatar
    But familiarize yourself with the bugs/changes first. Not all change is good. I immediately went back to 10.2 from 10.3 after a few discoveries.
    That happened to you. Not to the majority of the users.

    Good advice though.
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    04-28-15 08:33 PM
  16. extisis's Avatar
    My main gripe with BB 10 is that I wish that apps just listed out in alphabetical order... My menu of apps is a freaking cluster and I am just so used to alphabetical order in Android after all these years... Other than that... I love being back with BlackBerry
    why not make folders and organize your cluster?

    alternatively, you can go to blackberry world under my world and view your installed apps in alphabetical order and even open them.
    04-28-15 08:51 PM
  17. dna47's Avatar
    LOL, nice try. Yes, I have found the triage setting which consumes a wide portion of the screen. I currently leave it turned on for one touch delete. The select more option requires you to 1) hold down on the first message, 2) wait for the delay, 3) click select more from the menu 4) select messages 5) select delete. Conversely, on WP, you tap the left edge of the message and it is selected while simultaneously bringing up the select more check boxes. You run down the list checking the ones you want. You hit delete.

    How is the send button at the top the best when my hand and fingers are at the bottom?
    All you need to do is click on the overflow button (three dots), press select mores, choose what you want to delete and hit delete. No need to long press on anything.

    And regarding the send button, as stated before it's there so you don't accidentally send the email before your done. And yeah your fingers are at the bottom, but you know there's this thing we call movement where you can actually move your fingers to the top. I have a Z30 too so don't tell me it's too big.

    Posted via CB10
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    04-28-15 10:10 PM
  18. petvet-TC's Avatar
    I went to Samsung galaxy for a little while and had to come back. I also get tons of e-mails and galaxy would not save thousands for me. So, I switched back to blackberry. I can easily look up an e-mail that was sent to me three months ago. It is there until I delete it.

    Posted via CB10
    04-29-15 09:17 PM
  19. CharlieV's Avatar
    I agree with 4 through 7. I think the rest is something you will grow to appreciate as you use your blackberry. Also, things that aren't as efficient you will get used to and make them efficient.

    Android and iOs have their negatives too. I use both. BlackBerry is my daily driver.

    Posted via the CrackBerry App for Android on a Note 3. Giving my Passport a rest.
    04-29-15 10:29 PM
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