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    I recently drove past a newly constructed highway interchange, and it didn't appear on BB10 Maps. I opened BMaps Pro, and there it was. Unfortunately, BMaps Pro uses Maps for turn by turn navigation, as it doesn't provide its own. So when there is a discrepancy between the two maps, I can see this being problematic.

    In my case, I didn't need to use that newly built highway, but I'd like to know if Maps is still being updated.

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    09-02-16 09:59 AM
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    As far as we know, BB10 is still getting map data from TomTom, but we have no idea how often they update it, or what the terms of their arrangement are. If BB pays TomTom a subscription that includes any and all updates, you'd expect them to be immediately available on devices. But it's possible that BB pays a surcharge every time they update basic map data. It's also possible that TomTom just isn't too quick on the uptake with road changes.

    It's unlikely that we're ever going to know the details. But I'd bet that BB is eager to end their relationship with TomTom, now that they're into Android. Their payments for map data, however they are structured, are just another way BB10 is costing them money. Just as BB Traffic was terminated for BBOS over a year ago, I believe they'll pull the plug on BB Maps as soon as they can do so without violating any licensing terms already in place. In the meantime, if they can reduce costs by accepting map updates less frequently, they might already be doing that.
    09-02-16 12:26 PM

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