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    Burning some calories this morning, looking at how fitness is the new trend in technology with all the gadgets, what if QNX makes software to gym machine makers like this one which would allow to sync/share Workout data to your smartphone via bluetooth / secure connection through nfc?

    This gym (YouFit), uses Cybex which comes with integrated iPhone plugs to allow media controls through the machine's controls. But what if this could be taken even further, allowing the machine's workout data communicate to your phone for you to keep track of or share.

    QNX could build their multi-platform fitness app which every gym member would download (make it bbm connected of course).

    Hey IDK maybe this one already runs on QNX, but taking this to a next level of smart gym machines would make good business sense.

    So, BlackBerry makes money licensing the OS for these machines and charge 0.99 for the App (and i'll just hope they send me my commissions check for the awesome idea)

    BlackBerry/QNX should tap into this business!-img_0353.jpg

    Posted via CB10
    10-26-14 06:32 PM

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