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    I'll avoid the long story and just say that I lost my Q5 couple days ago on the way back from a concert. Got home and realised the phone wasn't in my pocket. After panicking for a couple minutes I remembered about Protect so I quickly googled the website and had a search for it, and to my surprise it picked it up right away at the bus stop where I took the bus home. I didn't bother heading back there because I knew by the time I get there somebody would've found it... so I locked the device through protect and left a message on it, so if anyone picked it up they could get in touch with me.

    I managed to get a replacement phone since I had insurance, but before getting it I did one more check on Protect and the phone was moving down the street 50m away from me!

    Anyway, long story short, gave the information to the police, they tracked it down and retrieved it. Wouldn't tell me about how they got it though.. which I found.. strange. I'm just happy I got my Micro SD back tbh.

    Good to know protect actually serves it's purpose.

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    03-18-15 06:52 PM
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    Cool story...

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    03-18-15 07:55 PM
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    That's awesome.
    03-18-15 08:40 PM
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    Just wondering what information the police asked you? What information you gave them to find your phone and such..? Good to know, just in case.

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    03-18-15 09:21 PM
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    Just wondering what information the police asked you? What information you gave them to find your phone and such..? Good to know, just in case.

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    Had to first report it as lost and receive a Crime Reference number. That process involved describing the device (brand, model, colour, distinctive markings), writing when and where I think I lost it and what I did once I realised. Left contact information as well.

    Once that was done they asked me for a IMEI number and the PIN along with any additional information that I feel would help which is when I showed them the Blackberry Protect information.

    They got in touch a couple days later and said that it was recovered and would be posted back to me.

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    03-19-15 12:59 PM
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    Well after reading this story, I'll start leaving Location Services on then

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    03-19-15 01:02 PM
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    I had a similar experience some years ago with an old iphone. It was a full 12 hrs when I realized it was missing (work phone). Got on to their locator site, which showed a general area where is should be...but the zone of uncertainty was fairly large....a block or two. Retraced my steps from the previous night several times, failing to locate it. After checking the store I was in to see if they were holding it, I had given up hope.

    As I walked away, I saw a Rogers phone store down the road...and my carrier was Rogers...even though this was no where near where I had walked previous night, I thought just pop in to ask if they had any suggestions on how to better locate my phone.

    As I went to pull open their door, my eye caught an object on their door step...it was my phone still in it's leather holster!
    Went in the shop and asked them about it....they had no no clue how it got there.

    Phone and holster now had a VERY heavy tobacco odour, took weeks to fade!

    This Passport takes me places!
    03-19-15 01:24 PM

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