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    My phone was lost in my apartment. I wasted an hour looking for it. The notifications were muted, so no one could call me to make it sound off to locate it. I knew it was charged because my Blend was still working on my PC.

    I was looking in the fridge, the oven, etc., etc. and realized I had a big problem. I would not be able to find it. Then I remembered that BB Protect might have a function to make it sound off. (My old Android tablet could do this, but it was only crappy Android otherwise.)

    In the past, BB Protect was not able to locate my device for some reason when I misplaced it. This time, it did right away and it has the sound off function.

    I like BB10 because it is so well thought through. The sound off tones are basically two tones that cover the decibel range in case of your situation. I found it quickly tucked inside a closet lined up vertically behind a wallet shaped sewing kit. I never would have found it because I checked that closet already and it did not occur to me to look there and the light sucks there.

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    06-19-16 11:28 PM
  2. BigBadWulf's Avatar
    Saved me once, when I didn't realize I dropped mine getting out of a friend's car. Found it face down in the mud, on the street in a dark area. Whew indeed!
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    06-20-16 12:17 AM

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