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    I have a Passport and a Classic which I love but managed to lock myself out of a while ago. I can't remember exactly what happened but I had a Priv and was using BBM for Android on that, and did some update on that device (possibly changed my BB ID password) which then meant for some reason it wasn't recognised on my BB 10 OS devices. Because they both had Protect on I was screwed because it wasn't accepting my BB ID password. A factory reset of course didn't help because the Protect was doing its job! I contacted technical support and nearly sent them back to Canada to be unlocked but never got round to it :/ Since then I moved away from the KeyONE I got after the Priv, because I wanted to get away from a google-dominated phone, but still HAD to have a keyboard so tried a Kai OS 'feature phone' (Nokia 800 Tough). It was alright (despite going back to T9 typing etc...) but really Kai OS is horrendous and full of bugs and I finally had enough.

    Yesterday I tried turning on my OS 10 devices, and I can now get into both of them and have successfully updated my BB ID password and all is working correctly! To be clear, it's not that it still had the Protect on but recognised my password this time; rather, the theft protection was no longer active and it just asked me to set up a new BB ID as part of the normal phone setup process.

    Anyone else had a similar thing or have any idea why this is working again now? I guess maybe one's BB ID expires after a while of non-use (it had been well over a year, maybe two, since I'd last successfully signed in with it).

    Very happy!
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