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    Dear all,

    I just got a new phone, and have experienced something pretty weird with it, so thought I would share:

    I received a Q5 (SQR100-2), used today. £3.20 on eBay, boxed with accessories, as it was showing error code BB10-0004, a bad radio install. I was able to resurrect it - the autoloader wouldn't connect at first, but by hooking it up to Link first, that seemed to kick the bootloader into action. Link couldn't install an OS, but I could then get sicWipe to connect, and after that I autoloaded
    The phone booted up as usual, but when I got to the BlackBerry ID setup screen and tried to login, I got the red 'anti-theft' dialogue, telling me that anti-theft was on and I would have to login using the original BlackBerry ID account first.
    I contacted the eBay seller, who told me he'd got it originally from a third party, couldn't fix it, so resold it. To his absolute credit, he then offered to refund me.

    Now comes the weird bit: Just before I read his reply, I rebooted the phone, and this time, it let me log straight in, as if there had never been any BlackBerry ID account on the phone before. Is it possible that the original owner has been notified of my attempts to login to the phone, and deleted it from their BlackBerry Protect account? I did click the 'forgot password' link, but didn't even attempt to answer any of the security questions necessary to have a link emailed.
    What d'y'all think?

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    06-13-17 02:00 PM
  2. Carl Estes's Avatar
    Reboot the device a few times, make sure it seems stable, then go into your BB protect account and set it up and make sure it seems normal also, do test pings, messages, and also, check with BB world, make sure all is right. You want to "dance" on this device, make sure no leftover "remnants" from the previous owner....
    06-13-17 03:33 PM
  3. Niallac's Avatar
    Thanks Carl. I'm investigating those options from BlackBerry Protect right now. SicWipe reported an error on the first security wipe, but the other four wipes completed without issue. Could it be that a security-critical area of the firmware got corrupted and has subsequently been erased and lost? I assumed that BB10 was engineered with a failsafe, i.e. if the security-critical bits were compromised, the device would become a paperweight, permanently? Or maybe given the bias towards corporate/state security, it's acceptable to have a viable device, provided that data is irretrievable?

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    06-13-17 04:38 PM

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