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    Not really, no... but sadly blackberry is faaaaar away from being an institution. It's just a business, and again sadly, Os10 is just one of many products they deal with. It would have been awesome to see a Z10 as an answer to the iPhone 1, but we had the storm, and the compression algorithm that made blackberries fantastic for business at a time where carrier's didn't offer a huge bandwidth was the first of many nails. It made blackberries not ideal for media consumption at the dawn of this kind of market. That rep killed bb10 before it came to birth. And even then, the first release wasn't that flawless if you recall. It's a real shame because the ones we have worked with it rarely want to go elsewhere, but in the Era of social media and share buttons numbers count, a lot, and we are "just" some thousands.

    Let's hope this two years we have ahead help BBRY to find an excuse to maintain BB10 alive even if it's on low budget support. Even if it's just for business-email-browsing-minded folks that don't really rely too much on social dedicated apps.

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